Apple May Be Looking to Create Foldable Smartphones According To Latest Patent



Latest information on the Internet brings focus to Apple again, but this time with exciting news for the smartphone lovers.

Apple seems to have been looking for options to create foldable smartphones for future launches. As per the trends, most of the rival companies are today, focusing on more foldable phone designs which improve the portability of modern phones. Unlike the large size of the phones available today, soon the trends will shift to more compact and easy phone options. And in this race, Apple seems to be much ahead of others.


In a recent revelation, there is news that Apple has, in fact, filed a patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. As part of the application, the company is said to be focusing on the coating mechanisms which will protect the display of the screen when the phone is folded.

If the news is to be believed, it is more likely that Apple is, in fact, focusing on the internal engineering of the foldable phones. And there are other patents filed for implementing new technologies. (Also read for more information.)

In the news shared by Patently Apple, the company is said to be inventing a new coating for the foldable phones where pigmented flakes and polymer are combined and can be used in a uniform thickness on foldable phones to make them safer to use. Techniques likely to be used for this coating application are spraying and printing to apply the coat on the devices. The application of the coating will improve the strength of the glass, allowing the flexibility of display screens.

The recent inventions coming in state that the new-age foldable phones will have a front-to-front as well as back-to-back fold options! There will also be the ease to twist and bend the phones in both ways so that either the back or the front becomes opposite to any of the sides. These are also termed as ‘fold-in and fold-out configuration’ in the industry.

James Wilson and Matt Rogers have been the names behind this incredible invention that Apple and many other smartphone giants will be seen launching in the next year.

The report that brought out the glimpses of the coating technology and the registration of the patent also shared the application date i.e. March 2018. Therefore, it is to be believed that Apple has been contemplating the inventions around the foldable smartphones, its relative inventions, patents, designs and mechanisms for a long time now.

Given the perfection that Apple delivers its products with, it is highly likely that the smartphone industry will soon come across the new-age foldable phones with a variety of features including smart fold options, high-quality glasses and coating to make the user safe!

There are other patents too filed around the internal engineering technologies involved in developing the bendable phones which are soon to follow. Customers can expect some revolutionary smartphones, making its way in due time. Apple, the most competitive and innovative company, is bound to please with its new creation!