Best PHP Frameworks in 2021


Today, there are many different PHP frameworks in the development sector that PHP development companies use. These software platforms were created to help developers improve the productivity and efficiency of websites, applications, and web services development. A large number of frameworks are equipped with useful features such as templates, session management mechanisms, and database access libraries. Besides, when using a framework you can inject your own code there.

What does the framework give? With their help, you can develop a website or app of any complexity, functionality, and add additional components quickly and cheaply.

Now then, if there are no frameworks, it would be extremely difficult to create web solutions. Imagine having to keep in mind all about UI designing, business logic coding, banking and financial software (, database building, code secureness, and stability.

In this article, we’ll consider the most well-known and comfortable to use PHP frameworks. So, let’s look at the best.



Released in 2011, the Laravel framework ranks first in the world in terms of popularity among other systems. It’s used primarily for the most complex websites and apps development.

Laravel advantages:

-High-security level

-The presence of the blade templating, which makes it possible to standardize the template and reuse it in different app’s parts

-The MVC architecture of the platform allows you to achieve clear differentiation between such abstract layers of the application as a model, controllers, and view

-Free access to a large amount of data about Laravel


This is a highly stable and reliable framework. Symfony software allows you to simplify the creation of an Internet resource or app of any complexity as much as possible. That’s why experienced developers often choose it. Due to the fact, this framework was created by Laravel, it gaining popularity among beginners and experienced users.

Symfony advantages:

-High settings flexibility

-The ability to integrate with a variety of services and popular CMS

-In the early stages of development, it provides the project with all the opportunities to scale and expand the functionality

-Simplifies integration with the best JS frameworks dramatically


The Codeigniter framework is popular for its simplicity and elegance. It has a simple and convenient configuration that greatly speeds up the writing of code. As a result, developers get an almost perfect platform.

Codeigniter is best suited for developing software solutions that require simplified coding.

Codeigniter advantages:

-High work productivity


-MIT license

-Convenient database refactoring

-Universal interface for accessing a variety of databases

-Working efficiently with sessions

-Large encryption library

This platform is also the most convenient for the software solutions development of any complexity.


Yii is a highly efficient framework that leverages the concept of code reuse and can dramatically speed up the web development process. Initially, a framework was created to make it easier and more efficient to work with AJAX.

Yii benefits:

-Handles caching well

-Integration with JQuery is provided

-Enables rapid prototyping of web apps

-Include elements that speed up the development process

-Availability of quality documentation

-Can be used to develop any kind of application


It’s an object-oriented system developed in PHP5. As a rule, Zend is often used in large commercial projects development.

Zend advantages:

-Multifunctional architecture

-High project safety providing

-Availability of ready-made solutions for solving a large number of problems

-Contains unrelated components for reuse in projects


This software framework is distinguished by its elegance and light style. CakePHP is easy to learn thanks to its optimized CRUD system. If you want to create a visually impressive functional website, then this framework will be the best choice.

Framework’s advantages:

-Flexible architecture

-The ability to convert themes into plugins (it significantly expands their functionality and simplifies the software product)

-Fully compatible with PHP4 and PHP5


Compared to previous frameworks, Fat-Free stands out for its compactness and simplicity. For this reason, many developers prefer this service to the above.

Fat-Free benefits:


-Availability of caching tools

-URL routing capability

-Maximum compactness

-A large set of plugins is available

-Flat-File, Mongo, MySQL, MSSQL, SQLite, and PostgreSQL databases support

The main functionality includes data validation, unit testing toolkit, templating engine, database-driven sessions, geodata processor, RSS feed reader.