Can Apps Really Help You to Concentrate Better?


Mobile application makers like to tout their creations as being the best at helping you to do all the little things better. If you want to go shopping and get the best deals while staying organized, use an app that will categorize all your purchases alphabetically and alert you to the best sales. Need to know what gas station has the lowest prices right now? Use a different app and plug in your zip code to see the closest gas stations with discounted fuel. When you’re working on your master of education in learning, you probably look for each and every shortcut that exists to making studying easier. After all, you’re going to be studying the art of concentration and brain development for at least the next two years. So, do mobile apps actually help in getting more information to stick? Here are a few apps that might actually make a difference when you’re trying to concentrate.


For those who have problems with being distracted during the studying process, Brain.FM uses music to help keep your brain waves on track. Simply log into the Brain.FM website and choose what type of activity you’re about to participate in. If studying or working, there’s a nifty icon for that. Sleeping requires a different setting while meditation has another one. It does take around 10 or so minutes for you to get ‘into the zone’, so to speak, but concentration is made simple after Brain.FM starts to get your brain into gear.

Tomato Timer

Ever wonder why you can concentrate really well for a while, but after that, you begin to daydream and get distracted? Simply put, the brain benefits from taking short breaks so that you are able to break-up your studying and concentration time into smaller chunks. The Tomato Timer app uses a very basic timing mechanism to keep you centered for 25 minutes straight. When the alarm goes off, you get five minutes to do whatever you want. During your time working on your online MELCD degree, an app like the tomato timer really can make concentration a more attainable goal.


Okay, so you might normally be bubbly and ready to chat it up with whoever comes into your space, but the Anti-Social app will keep you from connecting with anyone while you’re supposed to be working on important tasks. Funnily enough, Anti-Social only works on social media, which is a huge distraction for most people when they’re on their computers and mobile devices. Feel like going on Facebook and checking your messages during the time you’re supposed to be writing a research paper? This app will block any and every website that isn’t relevant to your studies.

In a nutshell, yes, there’s app that will help you to concentrate and enable you to study better. The best part is that not all of them even need to be downloaded so they won’t take up space on your mobile phone or tablet. If you normally find your mind wandering when you should be making efforts to concentrate, try one of these apps and see if you can find your way back to your textbooks.