Cheapest Data Only Plan in Singapore

Are you looking for the cheapest data only plan in Singapore? Then you are at the right place. This is the home of the happiest customers with about 98% of the customers using our plans claiming satisfaction and good value for money.


With us, you can enjoy data plans that you can easily customize yourself in the application. Using our services ensures you aren’t subject to false promises because we operate under a higher level of integrity. We don’t offer shady charges and or overpriced data bundles because we value customer satisfaction.

At Circles Life, we guarantee you of nothing but the best services when it comes to affordable data plans.


Why Choose Us

With many data plan services currently on the market and competing for your attention, you might easily get overwhelmed with choice. Therefore, you need to make a well-informed decision before going with your pick.

This means that you have to research more about the services and gather all the necessary information. But as you may already know, this will cost you time and a lot of effort to do. So, we’ve simplified the task for you and here are some of the reasons that makes us worth your consideration:

1. No Buffering/Downtime

We are not only claiming to be the best, but our numbers are clearly showing that as well. Powered by M 1, Circles.Life promises you of no buffering or downtime as you access your favourite sites and content.

Rated as the number one data plan service for video speeds, you can stream all your shows efficiently with zero buffering.

2. People’s Choice

Circles.Life couldn’t be where it is without the help of its users. We are a People Powered Telco, which means that we operate on the basis of your preferences and needs. As earlier pointed out, you can customize plans yourself for the best experience with our Telco services.

3. Freedom

Additionally, we operate on a no-contract plan basis, which means that you are free to cancel our services anytime you want to. However, we know you want to stay but we also value your freedom unlike other aggressive data plan services on the market.

4. Variety of Plans

Because we are a People Powered Telco, we offer a wide range of plans to suit all our customers’ needs. The plans range from the classic SIM plans with more benefits than most data plans can offer you to the more sophisticated modern plans.

And if you are a trailblazer, we also have three innovative data plans that can take your connectivity life to new levels. These plans include:

· Multi-SIM – This is a SIM only plan where you can also add another SIM for sharing data across different devices.

· Data only SIM – With this option, you only use a data SIM, which means that you won’t need talk-time or SMS with this SIM plan.

· E-SIM – The third option is the eSIM, which consists of instant virtual activation and ditches the physical SIM card that you are accustomed to everyday.


You can also get family plans and combo phone plans, which offer you something different depending on your choice. Circles Life is your home of affordable and efficient data plans all day, everyday.