Cisco CCNA Certification: All Your Questions Answered


Data analysis is a crucial process that helps businesses deliver better service through their apps and websites, so they can receive better results. But analyzing huge amounts of information is not easy, and a lot of knowledge and expertise is needed to do it efficiently. And this is where special tools and platforms come to the scene: one of the most popular and widely used alternatives is Cisco CCNA.

The good news is that everyone who is committed to professional advancements enough can earn relevant certification to become a skilled and recognized specialist in this sphere. Keep reading if you want to know more about how to get accredited by passing the Cisco CCNA Individual Qualification Exam and what are the perks that come along with the credential it brings. Well, let’s start with those advantages to make you motivated!

Benefits of Getting Certified

Getting certified in Cisco CCNA is beneficial in several ways. It is not just a badge that upgrades your LinkedIn profile but an accreditation that verifies your in-depth knowledge and insight which in turn, helps boost your performance at a workplace and even the whole business. This is because anyone with Cisco’s GAIQ certification is considered to be a qualified web analyst. This can bring in job opportunities or ensure job security, as this is a very in-demand position right now since many companies have turned towards online or digital marketing.

According to, the annual salary of an employee with the Cisco CCNA Certification is $55k, and hourly rate of a specialist with such a qualification is $19.

Certification Process

The first thing for you to do to get eligible for the Cisco CCNA Individual Qualification (GAIQ) exam is to sign up for Cisco Partners since only these individuals can sit for the test. Afterward, it’s best to do some research about the assessment, such as its components, the time limit, question format, etc. Below, we’ll disclose some of the most important features.

The GAIQ exam lasts for 90 minutes and has 70 questions to be answered from the first attempt — you won’t be allowed to return to complex ones later or review them at the end of the test. The tasks are provided in the true/false and multiple-choice formats. To pass GAIQ, a minimum score of 80 percent is necessary. Those who fail have to wait seven days to retake the exam.

Learning Tools

Cisco CCNA Academy offers helpful courses for GAIQ exam preparation that range from beginner-level to advanced and specialized ones. There is also a YouTube channel with many videos that can provide additional insight into the platform and the assessment’s content presented and explained in a simple manner. Cisco CCNA help, the support account provided by Cisco, is another helpful resource.

Taking practice tests is one more recommended method of preparation. The questions in these files are very similar to those provided in the real assessment and sometimes even involve the same items. Training with them, you understand what awaits you.

In Conclusion

Learning how to leverage and analyze data through Cisco CCNA is not just a skill, but also the next step in improving businesses. Web CCNA has come a long way, and it makes sense for companies to start paying more and more attention to it and giving web analysts more credit and better pay and other perks. Even those with other professional or academic qualifications can benefit from GAIQ. So, it’s time to go for the challenge!