An App for Everything: Is There an App To Help Dealing With Allergies?


About one in every six Americans is allergic to something. Common allergens include pollen, pets, food, medications, dust, and mold. And although we usually use anti-allergy bedding, air purifiers, and steam inhalers to help in easing allergic sneezes and sniffles, technology can also come in handy.


In a world where technology makes everything easier, many people suffering from allergies wonder if there is an app that can help make their allergic reactions more bearable.

Well, if you’re one such person, you are in luck!

This article highlights reliable apps that can help you deal with allergies. From apps that help you avoid common allergens to apps that assist you locate allergy-friendly restaurants, here is a roundup of our six highly recommended apps for people with allergies.

And the best thing about these apps is that all of them are free.


Food allergies can limit the kind of foods you eat, especially when you’re outdoors. The AllergyEats app allows you to find restaurants near you that serve allergy-friendly meals. The app also provides you with a breakdown of items on the restaurants’ menu and highlights the safest meals for you, considering your food allergy.

This mobile-friendly app also lists the restaurants by cities, making it easier for you to find an allergy-friendly food establishment when you’re visiting a new city.’s Allergy Alert

This app gives you accurate forecasts of environmental allergies in your location. It’s known to accurately track weather patterns helping you to make reliable plans for your outdoor activities.

The allergy alert app provides 5-day allergen information for different locations and has an allergen diary that can help you keep track of your allergic symptoms. You can sync these symptoms to the website and print them out as reports if your doctor needs them. The app also has health indices for colds, coughs, UV radiation, and asthma.

WebMD Allergy App

The WebMD Allergy app covers several allergies, including:

• Food

• Skin

• Insect

• Latex

• Drug

• Indoor

• Outdoor

The app provides you with the different allergen levels in your location. The app also has an allergy tracker that can record your symptoms and track how you’re feeling.

You can also use the app to browse specific allergy-related videos, slideshows, and articles. You can also create a personalized profile on this app, which is extremely helpful when you want to find information on a given allergy.

Yummly Recipes App

Yummly is an app that gives you recipes that you can try out if you have food allergies. You only need to key the foods you’re allergic to and the foods you’d like to prepare. The app will give you allergy-safe recipes that you can customize to your liking based on your keyed data.

The app also saves your allergic information and uses it to recommend recipes that you can try out later. The Yummly app allows you also to save the recipes you love, create a shopping list, and search for recipes that you can prepare using readily available ingredients.

Propeller Health

This app connects to a Bluetooth sensor in your inhaler and keeps tabs of your asthma symptoms. The app also alerts you when you need to take your medication and will automatically keep a record of the number of times you use your inhaler.

The Propeller Health app also communicates with your physician in case your asthmatic symptoms are worrying. This free app also highlights your asthma triggers, helping you avoid them.


People with allergies often have to take medications to alleviate their symptoms. Allergy drugs also help build patients’ immunity against different allergens.

The MedHelper app helps you create a medication schedule after you have provided your medication details. This free app also gives you a chance to save your doctors or pharmacist number in case you’re out of drugs.

Technology can help you deal with different challenges your allergy may bring. These six apps are perfect for people suffering from different allergies.