Could AAA Games Come to Mobile

Mobile gaming has been consistently growing year after year and shows no signs of slowing down as its demographic and available number of games are growing too. Whilst mobile does have a very set style of game with more casual puzzle titles reigning supreme and games that can be played in browsers like those found at bestnongamstopcasinos in particular, the potential for change may be just around the corner.


Some bigger titles have moved to mobile in recent years, largely competitive battle royale titles like PUBG and Fortnite, but other markets have also launched games like Valorant and League of Legends in their mobile varieties. It has helped to show that more complex games are possible, albeit with their owns quirks too.

A recent announcement suggests another change could be on the way with a free-to-play version of Elden Ring reported to be launching for mobile, whilst the main game is still $60 this game would instead rely on in-app purchases and follow the mobile market in a more accurate way. Whilst there aren’t many details for what the game could actually offer, seeing one of the best-selling games of all time potentially ported over to mobile is a step in the right direction for mobile gamers.

The difficulty that still exists for mobile is within the hardware, whilst our devices are becoming more powerful it’s difficult to pack the needed hardware to allow bigger games is extremely hard. The developers behind the Elden Ring mobile project have stated that previous efforts have had to be shut down because of challenges within the mobile gaming space.

Other forms of mobile gaming have shown a similar form of change, VR headsets for example have went through major change from bulky wired devices that they once were to the new Meta Quest which is entirely wireless and has the power to play some quite detailed games without issue. Whilst the mobile form factor is significantly smaller, it does show how far the tech has come too.

Alternatively, there’s a potential for mobile devices to be launched aimed specifically at gamers too. Devices back in the day like the Nokia N95 showed potential, as the modern ASUS Rog smartphones are aimed at gamers too. Whilst these devices are still very niche there’s a potential for change here too as further development goes to mobile devices specifically made for gaming over any other task.

There are of course other challenges to overcome, largely with pricing. As noted above, the mobile Elden Ring is being designed with in-app purchases in mind, but this may not be possible for all studios. AAA games have held a hefty price tag for as long as they’ve been designed for the amount of work that goes into them.

It may not be possible for all studios to ignore than price tag, and most mobile gamers are unlikely to be willing to pay $60+ for a single game when most games released on the mobile platform are either free or come in at well under $10.

If you are a mobile gamer, it’s certainly an exciting time too as a huge amount of effort continues to be poured into the genre, and room for success continues to appear huge as mobile gaming is thriving in a huge way.




(Image from gameopedia)