Cryptocurrency – the New Way of Getting Money Online


A lot of people claim that 2020 is the year of cryptocurrency popularity.

Yes, it is popular now but the thing is that this popularity is not the highest and soon we can expect even the bigger level of it!


But did you think of the reasons that caused this fame?

Actually we can divide people into two parts – those who use crypto as the payment method and those who earn with it. Everyone can start getting money trading it – even the healthcare app developers – you only need some time, laptop, and investment.

The first part of people like cryptocurrency because it is easy and actually safe:

  1. The fees are very low

If we compare bank fees and crypto fees, I need to say that the first one is higher. That is why some people prefer crypto transfers through the crypto wallet.

  1. Safe wallets

I should say that some wallets are safer than bank storage! The only thing you need is to find the best bitcoin wallet. If you are a newcomer, you can use the non-custodial mobile wallet. It allows you to store different assets and it doesn’t keep your personal data, transaction information, etc.

When you have a great amount of crypto, it will be time to use the wallet with a cold storage or hardware wallet.

Of course, I can only recommend you – the final decision is up to you.

  1. Fast transactions

If you want to send money from your crypto wallet to another one, you need a maximum of 30 minutes.

Some mobile wallets allow you to choose the speed of payment, the faster it is the bigger fee you need to pay. If you can pay the highest fee, your transaction will proceed in 1-2 minutes.

The other people who see crypto as an additional source of money, like it because you can start trading even if you have only $10 to invest for now.

Also, there are a lot of altcoin signals channels where you can get all the cryptocurrency predictions.

As you seem, there are a lot of benefits you will get if you start using crypto. The most important thing here is to choose everything wisely and do the proper review of everything you are going to work with.