Eurovision 2021 Voting System


The Eurovision Song Contest 2021 will be held in Rotterdam starting on the 18th and 20th of May with the semi-finals. The Grand Final will occur on May 22nd. The 2020 finale was cancelled due to actual world context, and the new logo was announced in December 2020. It is a beating heart that reflects the idea of countries and people coming together in Rotterdam for this event. The slogan for the event is “Open Up” and there will be four hosts, including Chantal Janzen, Edsilia Rombley, Jan Smit, and Nikkie de Jager. Continue reading to learn all about this event and what to expect.


The committee has decided to hold the event with social distancing. There will be strict health and safety measures in place, including testing. They seek to protect the delegations, the artists, and the crew. Anyone who is unable to travel to Rotterdam will perform live on tape using a recorded performance. Those who are there will perform on stage, live.

There will be nine shows, including six dress rehearsals, two semi-finals, and a Grand Final. Any audience will be required to social distance, and the final capacity will depend on the guidelines of the local government. The show will take place at the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam, which was meant to be the site in 2020.


There will be representatives from 39 different countries in 2021, and some of the artists are the same as those scheduled for 2020. However, each country decided for itself whether they will select a new performer. 26 of the artists scheduled for 2020 will come, while the other 13 countries will send a different selection. You can actually bet on your favorite artist. Currently, some of the favorites are Malta at 3/4 odds, Sweden at 3/1 odds, and Cyprus at 13/2 odds.

Understanding how Eurovision 2021 betting odds work is important. Once the semi-finals start, the Eurovision odds become part of a live market, and they will change throughout the event. Countries that are eliminated will be removed, and any stakes on them are forfeited.

How to Vote on Eurovision 2021

The outcome of the semi-finals is determined by the viewers at home and the professional juries. 10 contestants from each semi-final will qualify for the final. You can vote using the official app, your telephone, or SMS. The window for voting opens after the last song is performed, and it ends 15 minutes later. The people voting from home determine 50% of the vote with the professional jury having the other 50%.

The national results will be tabulated by Digame mobile GmgH by adding up the televoting points and jury points, so each country will receive two sets of points.

In the Grand Final, televoters can again vote using the official app, telephone, or SMS. As with the semi-finals, the voting opens after the last song and ends 15 minutes later. These votes are worth 50% of the outcome, and the professional jury will determine the other 50%. It is important to note that televoters and juries cannot vote for the country they represent. The full results will be published on the Eurovision website after the Grand Final.

Final Words

Eurovision 2021 will be a great event with top performers from 39 different countries coming together to compete. Viewers can enjoy the music, and they get to play a more interactive role by voting on the best performers. The televoters can use the official app, the telephone, or SMS to vote, and their votes will make up 50% of the final score. The other 50% is determined by the professional juries, and Malta is currently the favorite to win.