Everything About DSLR Camera Glidecam that you Should Know


There are many people who are searching for the best stabilizers in the market to capture a video in the best possible manner. Some videographers are using a DSLR camera and facing the problem that the videos are being disturbed while they are capturing a moving shot. For many years now, the photographers are searching for the best technology to produce better and professional videos. This has to lead to the need for and introduction of DSLR camera Glidecam in the present market today.






Reasons for the increase in DSLR camera Glidecam


Whether the person is a professional filmmaker, or an amateur, aspiring blogger or YouTube artist, everyone knows and understands the value of great content which can help them to grow in this field and create a fan base. Producing a video is how great your video ultimately looks when you put all the shorts together, and if one of the shots is disturbing footage than the whole video will not look aesthetically pleasing.

Photographers use glidecam for the purpose to exclude shaky footage. If you are fed up and disappointed by the shaky footage then glidecam is the best option and best solution in such cases. Glidecam has been around for 10 years in the market and is still growing day by day. This has majorly helped the budding videographers, photographers, filmmakers to produce incredible footage.

You may get some quick results from motorized gimbals in this case, but once you understand the main advantage and balancing of glidecam it will surely not let you down. There is no chance of the batteries to run out or motors to be failed in glidecams. But a failed gimbal can damage your entire shoot, and a good glidecam will simply not fail.





Understanding a DSLR camera Glidecam in simple


The most basic understanding of a glidecam is that it is basically a weighted pole. The DSLR camera is placed at the top platform of a glidecam. It also comprises an extendable pole which are used for adjusting the balance and weights at the bottom level. You can easily add and remove the weights in it as per the weights of the cameras.

The glidecam comes with a handle present in it, which is attached to a pole on a ball bearing rings.this is done so that the pole can swivel around. The ball bearing here is the same type of ball bearing which is highly used in fidget spinners or a wheel.

A glidecam is mainly designed for a static video DSLR and cameras, in which you actually screw the camera into the top plate. Many videographers or filmmakers prefer the quicker approach so that they can easily as well as rapidly take out the camera and connect it to something else like a tripod to shoot photos of something in between the running video. A glidecam has some sort of gimbal unit and counterweights spread out to right and left of the unit.


Let us know if there is any trick to balance


A DSLR camera Glidecam saves a lot of time. There are basically two levels of balancing a glidecam the first one is to see if the camera is at the right level. This means that the camera is either completely at the level to the horizon, or may be permanently pointing down or up depending on the types of sorts you require for your video. The other one is the smoothness. So if now you put the pole in the horizontal position, there are chances that- it can take more than 2 seconds to actually fall back to its vertical position. But it will result in a shaky video if it is done very fast.

Now lets us know some of the best DSLR camera Glidecam

As we know that glidecam has become one of the outstanding and most important tools for the various professional videographers and photographers to use for capturing any stable shots. In this article further, you are going to read about some of the best DSLR camera Glidecam in the market which will help you to understand what is most purchased and trending glidecams, and what are their features which are best preferred by the users.







It is an excellent glidecam which is outstanding in producing stabilized camera shots. It has the ability to hold the cameras or any DSLRs with the extent of 30lbs. you easily move your camera according to your framework without an issue using this glidecam. It comprises some of the great features like it is a highly flexible type of glide cam with an inertial control base platform. it has 10 lb weight capacity and 30 lb capacity when mounted to 2 tripods.

Glidecam X-20

It is also one of the best and most capable glidecam machines which will help you to hold your professional camera at the time of capturing any video or photograph. It is a machine which will offer great result in its functionalities and a chance to stay in a decent attitude while you are shooting any video in moving short. Its framework can also boost any camera of the size up to 20 pounds.

It comes with several features like it is suitable for a camera between the 10 to 20 pounds range. It has double articulating supporting arm, Anton Bauer battery plates, it also has dynamic camera balance qualities with flexible joining accuracy, etc.




Glidecam XR- 100

It is a modern type of stabilizer for your DSLR and other cameras in the market today. It is mainly designed to safe and secures your computerized camera which has the Weight around 3 pounds. Glidecam XR- 100 is a light weighted glidecam which can be easily utilized for the various computerized cameras which are also lightweight. The innovation functions in it are best for both indoor utilize and open-air as well.

It works absolutely fine in moving conditions while eliminating the shaky shots. Some of the best features of this glide cam are that it has a very good camera balance platform with froth cushioned handle grip etc. This was all about DSLR camera Glidecam.