Full House Poker for Xbox 360: Full of fun


The other day a friend of mine told me to check out Full House Poker. At first I was skeptical, purely because I tend not to personally gravitate to simulation gambling or card games on console. I usually prefer to play poker at what I consider to be the best casino online. But I am open to new things, so I bought the game for my Xbox 360. And I was pleasantly surprised.

While I myself am a seasoned poker player, I thought the explanation of the rules and tutorials offered were of a very high standard. So if you are new to the poker world, it is not very intimidating. The graphics were not incredibly impressive –but to be honest, they do not need to be in a Poker game. I am just a finicky reviewer in that regard. The cards are disproportionately large in the game. Obviously this is so you can see your hand better. At first, I must admit, I found it jarring. But after a few minutes I got used to it, and now I think it’s actually kind of quirky.

What I did think was cool, was the option to customize the casino yourself: everything from the venue to the cards and costumes. It really have it a personal feel. And it was also quite entertaining to look through all the options and choose the ones you personally like. It took me back to the days of playing The Sims as a youngster. The controls are easy to use, and do not give you any issues. Even if you do not usually play Xbox games at all, you will be able to use the controls with very minimal effort. The general atmosphere that the game creates is authentic; the music is well chosen, and the narration is bold and clear. This game has a big focus on your avatar, and you can buy additional clothes or accessories which is a great option to have, to increase the personal feel of your player. The achievements that you can unlock are not that difficult, which on the one hand is great because you get to benefit from them. But this aspect of the game is not very challenging.

I am definitely a converted fan of Full House. However, comparing it to playing poker online; there are some differences. First of all, there is the big difference that Full House Poker is just a simulation; so the money that you win is not real. So for someone who likes to win money and take advantage of a good casino bonus online , this is a downfall. Although, the multiplayer version on Xbox Live is pretty cool in terms of the simulation where you do not need to be limited by the amount of money in your account. You can set the tournament to having no betting limits which can be fun as a player because many of us are sadly unable to place bets of millions of dollars (yet!)