App Attack: My Five Go-To Apps that are Making My Life Easier


Apps are supposed to make our lives easier, not more difficult. But so many of us find ourselves with a slowed down phone, with over populated with apps galore –half of them we do not use, and maybe we have even forgotten what some of them do! The first step in getting apps to work for you is to be discerning with regard to what you download. I did an app cleanout the other day and also had a look online to see if there were any better apps available. I found that I had so many apps that were so similar, and I needed to streamline my app usage. So here are my top five go-to apps for various spheres of my life.


Hands up those who have a whole screen of pointless games on your phone or tablet. This may be a bitter pill to swallow, but you simply do not need so many games on your phone taking up space. My suggestion is to find an app that has many games on it so you will not be starved for choices. I have found the Royal Vegas online casino app to be my top pick. If you look for a Royal Vegas online casino review online, you will find that they are incredibly popular because they offer such a wide variety of games, and they also give you fantastic new player welcome bonuses that total $1200.


We all live busy lives, but we do need to eat dinner at the end of the day! I was on the hunt for a great cooking app to replace me having to search endlessly through Pinterest for dinner ideas. I then came across Yummmly, a fantastic recipe search engine type of app that gives you great search options ranging from cuisine to allergies. They also have a shopping list features which is really making my life a whole lot easier!


The main stumbling block to my productivity has got to be getting out of bed in the morning! So the Puzzle Alarm app really works for me (even though I hate it at times!) The app is fairly simple, your alarm will not switch off until you have completed a puzzle –you can set the difficult level, though. I find that this really helps to wake up my brain in the morning and get me on my way to a productive day!

Health and Fitness

For anyone with a fitness goal, be it to lose or gain some weight –you will know that it is rare to find an app that is equally focuses on the nutrition and the exercise. Myfitnesspal may not be a new app, but it certainly is the best in its class. With an easy to use interface, this app lets you set goals, and track your intake and exercise.


Mint Personal Finance and Money app is a winner of note. You can sync expenditure from multiple accounts (the app I was using previously did not allow for this, so I am so happy about this feature!) This app helps you keep track of your money and spending, and encourages you to save. You can also check your credit score for free!