Here Is How You Can Protect Your Data While Working From Home in 2021

2020 was all about struggling in trying times and resolving perilous difficulties.

The year was not only burdensome in terms of fighting with the biological viruses, but the digital viruses contributed to the misery as well.

At the onset of this year, the globe knew that it is now going to fight with a virus that will change their lives completely. However, what they were unaware of, was that this virus can cause more than just health damage.


Here is how you can protect your Data while Working from Home in 2021

The coronavirus outbreak has been a complete disaster for the global economy. Especially in the United States, the economy has yet to recover and people are forced to work in different modes than usual.

This shift in working situations has given birth to quite a few issues that have increased the complexity of remote working. One such major issue is the protection of data during work from home.

The digital scoring of cyberattacks shows a high number of breaches have been arising more frequently, with more companies acquiring new working modes to continue in the business world.

While businesses are trying their best to recover from the crisis, hackers think of the current ecosystem of immediate remote working as their gateway to malicious activities.

Hackers have developed a stronger route to hack employees in their most vulnerable state. Employees have become negligent towards protecting their and their company’s data while they are working from home.

This negligence has given hackers an easy pathway to hack employees’ devices and systems and cost companies unbearable damage.

As per ISACA’s State of Cybersecurity 2020, 53% of responses reported a cyber-attack within 12 months.

Not only this but some highly regarded global companies like Twitter experienced hacking that cost illegal generation of more than $100,000 Bitcoins.

The situation became worse with Zoom hacking, the Marriot data breach, and more similar incidents in 2020.

However, with the year ending there is no way cyber threats will end as well. Instead, According to cybersecurity Ventures, it is predicted that damage cost by global ransomware can reach $20 billion by 2021.

Therefore to protect your data from malicious hackers and to make sure you do not contribute to damage your company here are the following things you can do:


Most of the companies that have given less importance to teaching employees about cybersecurity while they were working in the workplace are suffering the most in the work shift.

However, time has not gone by, there is still a lot that you can learn yourself and teach your team about protecting their data

For instance, since many people are working from home they are not even knowledgeable about which internet connection to use for their office work.

Using unreliable and weak internet connections can lead to creating an easy pathway for hackers. Therefore, make sure you learn which internet connection will suit the best with the nature of your work.

We will suggest you use a strong and reliable internet connection like Cox Internet. Cox Internet Packages not only provide high-speed internet service but also makes this essential affordable.

Nevertheless, gather all the sights from trustworthy resources to have all the knowledge in case of a potential breach. Other than that make sure you get in touch with an expert on this matter that can guide you further on the subject matter.

Create a Cybersecurity Framework

If you want to explore this subject further then you can explore via NISTY or MITRE Att&CK. The organizations offer guidance on response program and technical organization that helps identify cyber threats.

Not only that but these organizations also help to mitigate potential threats.

Basic Cyber Hygiene

Do you know the basics of cyber hygiene? Basics are having a strong password, enabling multi-factor authentication on all your devices, having your data backed up and having a secure Wi-Fi, updated anti-virus software, and much more.

If you heard about all this for the first time, then you are in for some major learning.

You need to make sure that you have performed all the things needed from your end to protect your data.

Make Your New Year Secured

A lot has changed, and a lot is meant to be changed in the coming year. If you have not yet developed a sense of concern for protecting your data then it is time to learn and implement the needful. We have placed some tips to help you on this path.