Top 9 Most Fascinating Gambling Technologies of 2020

The spread of technology in the 21st century is creating a massive impact in all areas of human life. From the ability to fly over thousands of countries to reach a destination that is almost impossible to reach by land to the ability to clearly converse and relate with relatives that are far from home using the phones and internets, technology is making life easy and better for all. However, while some industries have partially benefitted from the advancement of technology, industries like the gambling and gaming industry have been completely revolutionized as a result of the many technological innovations that are rocking the world today. Indeed, technology has done more good than bad.



The history and evolution of gambling dates back to 2300 B.C when people played the game of chance in China and when dicing in the streets of Rome became a very popular game for so many people in Rome. However, since those early days till now gambling has faced a massive revolution due to the introduction of new technologies that have made the gambling interesting and fun for all and this article will provide us with some of the most fascinating gambling technologies that influenced the year of 2020.

  1. Online casino

Technology has made it possible for us gamble from wherever we may be through online casino platforms and apps. But in the year 2020, the gambling world experienced a massive upgrade in the design of apps and versions of games that were developed and released respectively. This happened because top online casino software providers like NetEnt, Playtech and few others designed apps that featured better versions of high resolution picture and sound contents. This particular move was a massive breakthrough for the online casino owners with millions of new gamers joining the online casino community to have a glimpse of these appealing technological innovations. Online casino platforms are currently one of the many wonders of technology in the casino industry and you can visit King Billy casino right away to enjoy these innovations.

  1. Big data analysis

Big data analysis is another technological innovation that completely changed the narrative of the gambling world. As a result of this technology, gambling companies are using the data collected from gamers to predict their gambling behaviors. Also, these data collected helps the casino to determine the choice of games that most casino gamers love, to enable them to develop better versions of the games.

  1. Data protection technology

Data protection technology is a very important thing in the gambling industry because as the owner of a gambling company, losing the data of your customers to the wrong hands can land you in serious troubles. However, to ease these worries and fears, some gambling companies like King Billy Casino which have built a good reputation for service delivery in the casino world have employed the services of top data protection agencies to protect the personal data of clients.

  1. Cyber security

One of the major threats to the use of the internet is cyber threat. However to curtail these influences, gambling companies are securing the financial transactions of their customers by using new innovations like face recognition technologies, thumb prints embedded in a systematic encrypted system that cannot be hacked. This technology guarantees safe and secure gambling.

  1. Virtual Reality technology

Virtual Reality Technology is one of the most fascinating gambling technologies that really hit the headlines in 2020. The wearable technology allows gamblers to use devices like electronic goggles to have a 3D gaming experience. This experience has brought about a different level of entertainment to gamblers.

  1. Augmented Reality technology

Although they may sound alike, Augmented Reality technology and Virtual Reality technology are two technologies in the gambling world that are different from each other. While Virtual Reality technology deals with the use of wearable devices, Augmented Reality technology deals with the creation of illusion between the real world and the digital world. Augmented Reality technology is one that truly fascinates.

  1. Blockchain technology

Due to the meltdown of economies caused by the adverse effect of the coronavirus pandemic, the best way to secure money is through blockchain technology. As a result of this, some gambling companies like King Billy casino have built systems that allow crypto-gaming to help their customers preserve the value of their winnings.

  1. Live gambling

In past years, one could only place stakes on games before they begin. However, as a result of the evolution of technology that allows individuals to get live updates of matches, individuals can now place their bets on changing odds of matches. This is another amazing impact of technology in the gambling world.

  1. Geo-location Tracking Technology

Geo-location Tracking Technology allows a casino to prevent illegal access of online gamblers to gambling platforms especially in countries where gambling is not allowed. Geo-location Tracking Technology does this by making use of the Internet Provider’s address of the gambler’s device to identify his or her location.  Geo-location Tracking Technology is another technology that made the headlines in 2020.

Conclusively, 2020 may have been a difficult year due to the pandemic however, top gambling companies like King Billy casino that offers some of the best casino games in the casino world invested enough to provide the technologies mentioned in this article. Nevertheless, the technologies listed in this article made the headlines in 2020.