How Instagram Can Boost Your Business


It’s a reality: Social media is here to stay and savvy business owners know that you can use social media sites like Instagram to boost your business. Using Instagram to boost your brand, grow a stronger following, and drive more traffic to your website will give you the leg up you need to stand out from the competition. Instagram has hundreds of millions of users monthly and they are definitely not helping you grow your business only but they are making good money for themselves as well. That’s a huge pool of potential business! Here, we’ll discuss a few ways you can use Instagram to boost your business.

The important thing to know is that Instagram users are consumers. They often will follow the brands they buy, and are influenced to make purchasing decisions based on the images they see. That’s a goldmine of opportunity for your business. If you can post attractive, compelling images to promote your brand, you can inspire potential customers to go to your website to learn more about your brand, your products, and your company. Once there, if you have a great website and a well-designed landing page, you can increase your conversion rates and, ultimately, your sales. And it all started from a simple Instagram photo. Best of all, it’s free! When you’re starting a small business, every penny counts, so anything you can do to stretch your marketing dollar in impactful ways is always helpful.

So, how do you go about leveraging the marketing power of Instagram to help your business get off the ground? Follow these steps.

Set up a business Instagram account

If you already use Instagram for your personal use, it’s time to set up a business Instagram account. The goal is to market yourself as a business, not you as a person. Keep your personal life personal!

Include a link in your bio

On Instagram, there is only place in which you can add a clickable link to your website: Your bio. Be sure to include a link to your landing page or online store in this location, and include the notation “link in bio” in all your posts.

Keep your brand consistent

When you create your Instagram account, be sure you use an account name that is tied to your company name, website URL, etc. For example, if your business name is ABC Editing Services, be sure your IG name is something like ABCEditing so that you are instantly recognizable across all points of your web presence.

Make use of your bio

Your bio is the place to tell potential customers a little bit about you. Make it informative, upbeat, and catchy. Make people want to follow you! Be sure to include your business name and a short description of what you do. Don’t come across as trying to sell something; you’ll instantly turn people off. When you run a promotion or launch a new product, don’t forget to change up your bio to let people know!

Post high-quality photos

This is not the time to post that off-the-cuff snapshot you took on your phone. When it comes to using Instagram for business, post your very best photos. Make sure they are well-lit, well composed, and in focus. Remember that Instagram is a visual medium. Poor-quality photos won’t do the heavy lifting you need them to do. Additionally, you can buy 1000 Instagram likes to your posts. This way gives your business instant growth.

Instagram can be a powerful, free marketing tool if you know how to use it right. Don’t incorrectly, however, Instagram can serve to damage your professional reputation. Be sure you are keeping your brand consistent, posting high-quality photos regularly, and pointing your followers in the direction of your website and you will see increased site traffic coming from Instagram.