How Is the Internet Changing the Way We Live?


The internet has been altering the way we live for close to three decades now, but as we become more closely connected online and more basic day-to-day behavior is being served by digital machinery, it is clear that this phenomenon has only just begun.

As everything from dating to food, casinos to education goes online, the internet is changing the way we interact with our work, our leisure time, and, most importantly, each other.

This is how the internet is changing the way we live:

You can access many ‘real world’ experiences without having to leave the house

One of the most significant changes in the way we live that the internet has brought about has been the replacement of real-world experiences with its digital equivalents. This can most commonly be observed on social media platforms such as Instagram, which allow you to consume hours of content about particular topics. You could, for example, watch hours of windsurfing videos and look at a variety of pictures, which gives you the most visceral feeling of what it must be like to windsurf without actually doing it.

Similarly, there are many real-world experiences that are being more directly replicated in the digital space. Online casino games, such as those found at Lottomart, can realistically replicate what it is like to play a traditional casino game (as well as more modern alternatives) without you needing to leave the house.

Dating is becoming increasingly online-based

Dating apps are nothing new, but an increasing number of people are now using them as a primary source of potential partners. There are a variety of apps on offer to serve all tastes, from mainstream platforms to more niche alternatives that cater to gym-goers, particular age groups and demographics, offering the most efficient way of finding the partner of your dreams.

Of course, this digital dating dependency means that fewer people are approaching each other in real life, preferring to message instead. It is creating a whole new way of interacting with each other intimately, as many budding relationships play out largely online rather than on physical dates.

Stores are being replaced by online services

A stark example of how the internet is changing the way we live is the rise of online shopping stores that are quickly replacing traditional shops, leaving shopping malls empty in some cases.

These online shopping websites make a whole lot of sense because they offer cheaper prices, next-day delivery, and a huge range of products without requiring you to drive anywhere, pay for parking, or queue in busy stores.

As a result, high streets and shopping malls are becoming less visited, which has had a knock-on effect on businesses that rely on this footfall, like coffee shops.

The internet can make opportunities more accessible

Of course, the internet has created a lot of positive changes in the way we live. The most obvious has been the increased level of opportunities that abound on the internet.

The vast database of free knowledge on offer means that schools, universities, and leaders of industry no longer have a monopoly on knowledge. As a result, many people are making better-informed decisions about their life and career, learning a variety of new skills, and interacting with more people at the click of a button.

Furthermore, the abundance of online courses means it is relatively cheap and easy to become highly educated – regardless of where you live. This is perhaps the most significant change to the way we live that the internet has brought along.