How Technology Has Brought Sports into the Digital Age


When it comes to what technology has had an impact on in recent decades, almost nothing has gone untouched. The sporting world is no exception to this. The way we play, spectate and participate in the events that occur before, during and after games has changed drastically since technology has made its way into our favorite pastimes.

Sports like Formula E and pro gaming only exist because of recent technological innovations. Even classic, timeless sports that have seen little advancement over the centuries have suddenly undergone significant changes.

The extent to which technology has changed sports can never be completely covered as its reach is forever growing. But in this post, we’ll take a look at the most evident ways the sporting world has evolved, as well as some less noticeable changes that have occurred under the surface.

Social Media

Where there’s competition, there’s money. Popular international sports like football, golf, tennis and basketball are fueled by millions, if not billions of dollars in player contracts, sponsorships and prize pools. There always seems to be more and more money coming into the industry. And where better to grow that money than social media?

Every athlete, manager, sponsor and team have their own page. Here they’re given the opportunity to build their reputation, cash in on partnerships, make announcements and interact with fans. Speaking of fans, social media has helped athletes connect with fans like never before, which helps raise enthusiasm and grow the industry further.

Social media has also helped fantasy sports become a popular way for fans to play out their dreams of managing their favorite teams. These days, you’d be lucky to find a high school boy who doesn’t have fantasy football installed on their smartphone.

Going Digital

Thanks to online gaming, players can enjoy the thrills of heading to the casino and hitting the slots from the comfort of their own home. This is also evident in betting. You no longer need to head all the way to the track and spend unnecessary amounts of money on transport and refreshments. All you have to do is log in and start playing.

At, you can enjoy a plethora of different games from the comfort of your own home. This includes sports betting through a clean, intuitive user interface. Other games include cards, slots, live casino and lotto, giving everyone a fun way to hit it big. A comprehensive live view of scores and current games helps you keep track of your sports betting on the fly.


Thanks to sporting committees and their willingness to partner with hard working game developers, aspiring players young and old can enjoy being immersed in their favorite sports from the comfort of their own homes, from FIFA’s annual hyper-realistic recreation of the most watched sport in the world to 2K’s visually jaw dropping rendition of popular American sports like NBA and NFL.

The power of modern gaming consoles allows developers to create true-to-life experiences for those who aren’t able to head out and play the sports themselves. This also brings more money into the sporting industries being recreated, helping committees to build bigger stadiums, create more programmes for young players and reach more fans around the world, once again thanks to modern technology.

Keeping It Legitimate

With the introduction of technologies like CCTV and sensors, businesses are significantly less likely to have their stock stolen. This also applies to the sporting industry. With cameras covering every corner of the playing field, it’s nearly impossible to cheat and get away with it.

This has proven to be extremely helpful in motorsports. Formula 1 racers can no longer get away with knocking their opponents off track or claiming that they were the first to cross the line when it was actually the guy next to them.

It makes referees’ and regulatory committees’ jobs much easier. It also allows us to replay footage and find out where improvements can be made. Perhaps the best part for fans is being able to replay our favorite moments over and over. Legendary footage can be solidified in history through digital archives and social media channels like YouTube.

A Safer Playing Field

Technology doesn’t only refer to screens and keyboards. It also extends to what we wear and use when we play sports. For example, modern shoes, helmets and gloves are completely different to those worn by players decades ago. They’re lighter, stronger, more versatile and do a much better job at keeping them safe.

This also extends to practise sessions before the game, which are now much easier. Modern exercise equipment helps keep players fit, while convenient machines like batting cages and ball shooters eliminate the need for coaches and assistants to always be around and work overtime.

Dangerous sports like Formula 1 and MotoGP have also significantly benefitted from recent advancements in safety technology. A modern Formula 1 car is lighter, faster, more nimble and fuel efficient than any of its predecessors, yet still manages to keep the driver safer than ever.

Even at the breakneck speeds that MotoGP racers are flung off their bikes, it seems like just another day at the office when they slide off the track waiting for a patch of sand to stop them. This is thanks to the advanced safety gear that keeps their body safe. Flying off their bikes at the same speed a few decades ago would have likely killed them.


These are just some of the countless ways the sporting world has changed thanks to the power of technology. The more you look, the more you’ll notice the way things have changed. The great thing about technology is that it can only get better.

As we move forward, we will see faster races, athletes will experience less injuries and fans will be able to immerse themselves deeper and deeper into the game. Things can only get better from here, which makes an exciting future for everyone, no matter what sport you’re into.