How Technology Has Given a Boost to Mobile Gaming?


The last few years have witnessed a transformational change in the way the world works and this is primarily due to innovation in one area – Technology. It is now said that if the world is a giant engine, then, technology is the new oil needed to propel that engine. This new oil has manifested itself into areas like robotics, AI, telecom and many more.




Online Gaming

Telecom, and with it, the mobile gaming industry in tow, has grown by leaps and bounds in an ultra-connected world. The online gaming industry has lead to the genesis of a mobile phone casino universe, a place where you can relish the thrills of a casino at your fingertips and from the comforts of your home, instantly.

The effect of this revolution is clearly evident as far as the growth of online gaming is concerned. More players, cutting-edge online games, innumerable online casinos have all come together to create a potpourri of the modern technological era. Interactive and multi-player games with an always-on feature are the name of the game now.


Speed of Digitalization

Coming up with mobility solutions was not the only objective of the mobile phone then. It was considered a luxury in itself, possibly because the Pager had preceded them. However, the need for a better interface, applications and an entertainment source was widely acknowledged in the mobile phone industry. After numerous iterations and transformations, the modern mobile phone shifted from keypad to touchpad, from QWERTY to smart, from a pure telecom handset to a mini computer and needless to say, a powerful one at that. This scorching speed of digitalization from 1G to 5G has lifted masses from extreme ignorance to heightened awareness and insatiable thirst for more.

Online casinos and gaming have been one of the biggest boons of this sea change in the mobile technology landscape. Outnumbering traditional sources of games and entertainment, the mobile gaming technology coupled with the era of high-speed internet connectivity have given birth to a new universe of players, high-stakes and opportunity to earn huge monetary rewards playing at any remote corner of the globe.


The Low-Cost Model

With greater sophistication in technology came greater volumes of newer products amid burgeoning demand. All these factors lead to a massive production cycle that kept up the low-cost model to fulfil customer demand. Distribution enhancements like OTA updates and extinction of Compact Discs was an enabler in reducing costs for faster acceptance of new technology.

The reduced costs and rapid availability was another boost to mobile gaming. Today’s games are embedded with a detailed graphical interface, easy of play feature, popular characters, novel mechanics and fewer lines of programming code, thus making it easier to speed up production times.

Modern technology has enabled millions of people to relish gaming as a shared form of entertainment. Immersive variety of games have turned a typical sofa into a gaming enclave. As far as the future goes, cheap funding and the low-cost manufacturing base has ensured that the mobile industry will achieve fluidity and transform itself again as per consumer demands.