How Technology Has Improved Parcel Deliveries

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Parcel delivery services have developed in many ways over the past few years and decades, with technology making them more innovative, faster and reliable. No longer does it take three weeks to send a parcel to Australia and cost a bomb, nowadays there are more affordable and faster options available. This has made the delivery and courier industries a lot more competitive, which has benefited customers, and there are other ways technology has improved parcel deliveries.

Tracked Services

Not so long ago, if you sent a parcel you wouldn’t know where it was until it reached its destination. With GPS tracking you can now monitor parcels when they are in transit, providing a good idea of where your delivery is on its journey.

For couriers and delivery firms this has reduced the number of enquiries and time spent dealing with them about where customers’ packages are. While for anyone sending or receiving a parcel it provides extra reassurance and reliability, as they can see where they are and inform the receiving party if their delivery is likely to be late.

Speed and Flexible Delivery Times

Technology has helped increase the speed of delivery times, making the process from booking in a parcel for delivery to it arriving at its destination faster. It’s now possible for customers to book in a parcel delivery from the comfort of their own home, choosing a time for it to be collected rather than having to head down to the local post office.

In some cases a delivery time slot can also be chosen, whether you require domestic or international shipping with a trusted courier such as TNT, offering a flexible service. Online booking options have made this possible for customers, as well as making it easier for delivery companies to keep tabs on everything.

Future Developments

As technology improves even further, so too should delivery services. Hourly delivery estimates could be cut down to minutes, providing a precise estimation for extra convenience. Greater integration with smartphone apps could enhance this, for example, by providing notifications when parcels are on route and nearing their destination.

Drone deliveries are constantly in the news and have been trialed in a few places, which could help speed up the process, although questions will remain about their reliability. Plus, better sat-navs and integration should create improved route planning, cutting down on hold-ups.

Parcel deliveries have improved in many ways thanks to technological developments yet there is still more scope for them to change even more in the future.

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