How to Brand Yourself on Instagram: Tips to Attract Followers

You are not the only one looking for ways to brand yourself on Instagram. The fact is that now almost everyone who owns a company or a business is trying to figure out ways to attract more followers.

You see, building a strong brand image on Instagram is not where the struggle ends in fact,  you have to do a lot more to actually call yourself a successful Instagram marketer. You need to work on your marketing skills till you don’t have to struggle for increasing your followers.


Right now almost every other brand is trying to get on Instagram and win the marketing game but honestly, getting the attention of millions and millions of people is a one daunting task. You need to have some extraordinary content on your account, you need to work on your first impression and you have to make sure you are giving everything your customers demand and expect from you.

Now, if you are new to Instagram and if you want to start working on your followers then don’t worry because you can always buy best quality instagram likes but that’s not it. You have to take notes and pay attention to so many other factors to build a solid and strong presence of your business on this platform.

Here are a few Instagram branding tips that can come in handy for someone who wants to attract followers;

1-Combine your professional and personal instagram accounts

Yes, you read it right, you need to combine both you accounts and don’t worry because we do have an explanation on how it will help with branding. You see, if you make some search on Google, you will see a lot of blogs suggesting you to keep your personal and professional accounts separate but the reality is that the owner’s personality should always be a part of a professional instagram business account. You need to blend your personal world with your professional world to make people feel at home. Your consumers never want to see an account that is all about business, they will always appreciate a little personal touch in it which is why you should combine your accounts and be your true self.

2-A simple username is what you need

The more complicated your username is, the more people will lose interest in you. Like we told you earlier that your first impression matters a lot and well, your username is actually a part of your first impression. You need to make sure that your username is simple and easy to remember because that way people can search you easily too. It should be memorable, unique and above everything, it should be easy to understand and remember. This trick actually helps in attracting more followers to your business.

3-Focus on the bio of your account

First impression is said to be the last impression and you cannot clearly mess it up in any case. Now, when someone lands on your instagram account, the first thing they see is your username and then your bio. Yes, your bio needs the maximum attention you can give to it because it does matter a lot more than you can imagine. Basically your bio is more of an introduction of who you are and what your business is about. The choice of words, the simplicity and the uniqueness must be kept in mind while you are jotting down that introduction. Moreover, you should keep that part of your account updated every now and then to give your followers something new to read and learn about you.

These are a few magical tips that can help you attract more followers to your account.So, without wasting any further time, just use these tips and see the results on your own.


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