New iPhone Could See Steve Jobs Turning in His Grave


It appears as though Apple is looking at offering a stylus with its next round of iPhones, according to new rumors. Steve Jobs would unlikely be happy with this latest revelation, seeing as the late founder of the tech giant famously loathed them and vowed never to use them with any of his products.



iPhones left out… until now

The company gave the Apple Pencil its debut in 2015, however, when it provided one with a number of its iPads. Now two of the next three iPhones due for release this September will also be compatible with the Apple Pencil, according to Taiwan’s Economic Daily News. It’s unclear whether current Apple Pencils would be compatible with the iPhones, due to their size or if a new version would be specially created. Samsung already provides a miniature S-Pen stylus with its Galaxy note phones.

A new perspective

While the iPhone is compatible with a number of third-party styluses, there’s never been an Apple version available. That’s probably due to Jobs’ dislike for them. After his passing, however, Apple’s disregard for the stylus seemed to vanish. The company launched the Apple Pencil alongside its premium iPad Pro tablet. It’s aimed mainly at creatives, providing varying pressure sensitivity levels – enabling the user to draw accurately, just like with a pen. It also features angle detection, allowing the iPad to tell whether the user is trying to do soft shading or draw a hard line. The powerful gadget connects to a device over Bluetooth. That means that it requires battery life, which needs charging.

Let them draw

Since the first iPhone was released in 2007, consumers have integrated their mobile devices into more and more of their daily lives. One activity that the iPad, in particular, has been used for is drawing, and so it stands to reason that users would appreciate the ability to continue that activity on their iPhone. iPhones are being used by consumers for all kinds of purposes, including organizing their schedule, watching TV shows and movies, and carrying out financial transactions, whether it be banking, money management, or financial trading. Trading is a great example, as users need to be able to make moves as quickly as possible, such as CFD trading on platforms like Saxo. The platform offers low commissions and tight spreads on over 9,000 instruments, with speed being very much the essence. There’s every reason in the world why the stylus makes sense for the iPhone, in spite of Mr Jobs protests.

Same slick design, cheaper price tag


It’s anticipated that Apple will reveal its next iPhones soon, with September 12 and 13 being dates that have been touted. The company has been tipped to announce three new models, each of which will bear the slick design of the iPhone X. Last year’s iPhone X features an all-screen front that the critics loved, as well as a new Face ID face-unlocking technology. There’s also a price cut expected with the £999 iPhone X making way for the new model at £899.

Apple has yet to confirm details of its 2018 iPhones.