How to Build an Online Gambling Business in 2020

Building an online casino isn’t all that hard if you already have some business experience.

For a start, you won’t need a physical location, which drastically reduces the initial cost. And depending on your targeted region, you might not even need an exclusive license to run an online casino. However, even so, don’t think of it like a walk in the park either. There are still a few things you need to consider before getting into this business. Let’s take a look.


Online casino on a phone

Software is your building block

You don’t need a physical location for an online casino. But with that said, you’ll need a reliable website and mobile apps that function properly.

Now you’re probably imagining a whole team of programmers working on ridiculously high numbers of code lines. Well, sort of. The thing is, we’re now in 2020, so you’ll only need a reliable online gambling software.

Make sure to read all of the software’s guidelines carefully to determine what is best for your business strategy. Reliable software should allow you to access featured events, provide extra layers of security, and enhance the user experience by offering several payment methods.

You should also take into consideration:

· 24/7 customer support

· An advantageous multi-currency offering

· Extensive user account management

· Complete protocols against cheating and fraud

Get a license

As mentioned earlier, you’ll need a license depending on the country or region you want your casino to run.

For example, many European countries have strict regulations when it comes to gambling of any kind, be it physical, online, placing bets on matches, or just trying out your luck on slot machines.

Of course, not all countries are equal when it comes to these laws. If you’re really unlucky, you might find yourself waiting up to several months or even a year to get approved. If you don’t want to deal with this yourself, many gambling software providers also offer the option to do it for you at an extra cost.

Work on the UI and UX

Finally, once you’re done with the software and licensing, it’s time to build your website. There are many website builders that can help you design everything with relative ease.

A few examples that come to mind are SquareSpace, Wix, and Weebly. Whichever one you choose, keep in mind to make the user experience as seamless as possible. No one wants to click more than three times to get where they want.

As for the design, make sure that everything is centered properly, use pleasant color combinations, and don’t overload the interface with unnecessary elements. Having too many images, especially large ones, might hurt your rankings on Google.

If you’re not sure about how your website should look, we recommend using one of your software provider or website builder’s pre-defined templates. Better yet, get a professional web designer to make everything unique and easy to use.

Gambling deck

Promote your business

It’s a massive market and you’re going to need to stand out. Remember, even the already established brands advertise themselves constantly.

As with any brand, you need to distinguish yourself from the rest. Do your research. Find out what people like and don’t like about your competitors. Develop a solid strategy to outwit all the others and offer your potential gamblers more value through personalized offers.

Here are a few methods to promote your new online gambling business:


Since you’re in the online world, you’re going to want to promote yourself on search engines.

Since the competition is fierce, it will take a while for you to get to the front page of Google even if you manage to make the most compelling and well-thought-out texts. You will also need to regularly optimize the site with new blog posts that compel other websites to link back to them.

Social Media

Do you know someone without a Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat account? Neither do we. Make sure to create compelling posts and sponsored content with attractive calls to action.

Email marketing

It’s a good idea to send newsletters to your users once in a while. Give them personalized offers or discounts if they invite a friend to your website.

Final thoughts

You now know the necessary things to create a successful online gambling business in 2020.

We hope you’ve found this information useful and we wish you good luck in your new venture!