5G: New Era Of Mobile Gaming

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about the new high-frequency technology called 5G. Conversations and debates around 5G and gaming have become a hot topic. Basically, it is a fifth-generation standard that will be used in cellular networks worldwide. It initially became available in 2019 and is of a much higher speed than its predecessors.


Due to this increased speed, the changes that 5G will bring to mobile gaming are highly anticipated. Many providers have begun making accommodations for 5G upgrades. Avid gamers are keen to find out what this will mean for gaming establishments.

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A slow internet connection and inadequate network coverage are common phrases associated with mobile networks. The introduction of 5G will probably eradicate this in the next few years. 5G is 20x faster than its predecessor, 4G.

In terms of gaming, the increased speed means that loading times and game delays due to the poor network will become a thing of the past. Faster speed also means low latency. The estimated change in latency is a difference of 15 milliseconds.

Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming is a type of online gaming where remote servers are used to run the games. These games are then streamed to the user’s device. 5G will increase the popularity and availability of such games due to its stable connection.

Multiple gaming providers are in the process of developing their products with cloud services. This preparation is possibly due to the prediction of how 5G is going to change the definition of gaming.

Multiplayer Gaming

Multiplayer online games are already quite popular. The central negative aspect is the speed of these games. 5G will dramatically improve this aspect by reducing the lag. Massive processing power will no longer be needed, and neither will specialized computers and consoles.

The same quality and speed will be available on the average mobile device. This will have a positive impact on gamers’ internet budgets as well.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is being considered for use on so many platforms. Games in 5G can enhance this experience in several ways. The speed and low latency may allow headsets to become cordless and may even impact the graphics and resolution. Also, it means that 5G will allow you to play trustful live casino online Philippines with a great speed and with the feeling of a real live game!

Immersive Augmented Reality

There is the possibility that 5G will be a catalyst for immersive augmented reality games to be launched. Although this technology is not yet available in our current gaming era, the introduction of 5G may change that.



Online casinos and similar establishments often provide a live segment where social interactions take place between the dealer and the customer. This live segment is often a favorite amongst gamblers, as they enjoy the real feel of it.

This segment will be enhanced with 5G, and the quality of these games will be improved. The same can be said about sports books, where games are streamed live. Fans of esports will also benefit from 5G.


It seems almost as if all the creative futuristic types of gaming will be available on our mobile phones, thanks to 5G. Even the most advanced gaming consoles will have a lot to contend with when 5G is rolled out completely. The mobile gaming experience will be redefined entirely once this incredible technology becomes the norm.