How to Cash Out Casino Bonuses


Whether you’re new to online casinos or an experienced player, you must’ve noted how most online casinos offer bonuses, at one stage or another. These bonuses vary in nature from casino to casino, but all have certain common factors. The big question everyone asks is how you can you cash out casino bonuses in real cash. The answer depends on the type of bonus it is and there are a number of ways in which you can cash out casino bonuses.

Most casino bonuses have wagering requirements and limitations put in place by online casinos to safeguard the bonus deals from being withdrawn before you wager your own money. This, in essence, is done to restrict you from withdrawing cash for free. There are a select few online casinos that offer their bonuses or free spins that are not bound by wagering requirements. These wagering specifications are also known as play play-through requirements. The wagering necessity will be shown with a number that is accompanied by an ‘x’. The number shown will reflect the number of times that you will be required to wager the bonus amount in question. For instance, if the bonus is $200 and the play-through is 25x, you will have to wager $200 for a minimum 25 times before you will be able to withdraw the bonus in real cash. Note that if the bonus is specifically for slots you have to wager 25 times on slots and if you wager on blackjack for example, the bets will not count towards the wagering requirements.

Further to this, there are other types of casino offers such as cashable bonuses which you can use to bet with but you cannot withdraw before any winnings are generated. As an example, if the cashable bonus is worth $100 and you happen to win 50% thereof, your account will be credited with only $50 to withdraw. The bonus is then debited off your account balance upon withdrawal. The main advantage of these type of bonuses is that it gives you the opportunity to use it to increase your bankroll, thus boosting your chances of completing the wagering requirements effectively. Another advantage is that you’ll also have more money to play with and can therefore play with higher wagers per bet.

Highlighting another type of casino bonus is that which is non-cashable and the only difference to the above example, is that your account will remain credited with the $100. The $100 in this case, will solely be used for other betting rounds and cannot be cashed out. With these sort of bonuses, you’ll have a higher probability of winning more and more, based on an increased bankroll amount. Of the two types of casino bonuses, the non-cashable bonuses are much more appealing, although cannot be withdrawn, which defeats the purpose of “playing to win for real cash”.

In addition to the above, there are also welcome bonus deals, such as free rounds, with no future monetary rewards attached. These bonus deals have a lot more restrictions and usually structured to attract you to play for free at a particular online casino. In other instances, they can be used to reward you for your loyalty, or could even be as part of an online casino promotion for existing players. The major disadvantage of free rounds is that they come with very high wagering requirements, while in other cases some casino operators may simply restrict any withdrawals made as a result of free rounds.

All in all, casino bonuses are a great enticing tool used by casinos. In order to maximise how you will be rewarded through bonus offers, you have to carefully select those providers with reasonable wagering requirements as well as those who allow for cashouts.