How to Get Real Followers on Instagram for Free to Grow Your Audience in 2020

If you are a foodie, gastro or fitness Instagrammer or a food or beverage brand and you are present on Instagram, you will know how complex it is to increase the number of followers in an organic way. Therefore, in this post I am going to explain 12 strategies to gain real free Instagram followers and most importantly… No cheating!



Company or creator profile

If you want to enhance your profile as an Instagrammer, the first thing you should do is transfer your personal profile to a creator account. In this way you will be able to consult the statistics of your profile and have very valuable information.

If you don’t know how to turn your personal profile into a creator profile, in this video we will explain it to you.

Optimize your BIO

When users access your profile, the first thing they do is reading the BIO and looking at your feed. Therefore, it is very important if you have the optimized one. Do you want some recommendations? Here they go:

Avatar. Choose a representative image. The best thing is using your photography, if you are an influencer and using your brand logo if you are operating a brand.

Description. It must be concise, attractive and you must highlight your brand position in it.

Hashtag and emoticon. It is advised to add hashtag and emoticons in your BIO.

Contact information. Many influencer agencies look for influencers on Instagram. And I assure you that it is very frustrating when you want to contact someone but not find the email or the telephone number. If you want to be found, do remember to make your contact information easy.

Interact with other accounts

Interactions with other accounts and following potential followers will help us gain visibility and therefore, get free Instagram followers. But it is true that this requires many days of dedication. And excessive practice may cause your account to be temporarily blocked. So do not do excessive practice to make it increase organically.

GetInsta: app to increase followers organically

If you want to automate interactions without any problem, I recommend using the tool: GetInsta

This artificial intelligence tool is responsible for creating real interactions for you with accounts similar to those of your profile with a single objective to organically increase the number of followers.

The new followers in no case are false accounts. They are all real! Of course, while your campaign lasts, it is recommended to add more than new followers on Instagram every week. This app supports Windows, Android, and iOS devices, just download it to see how to get 50 free Instagram followers instantly?


Establish the axes of communication and a content agenda

The revitalization of an Instagram account, like that of any other network or a blog, requires prior planning that responds to specific objectives. Therefore, the first thing we must do is establishing communication axes or brand territories. That is, define what types of content we are going to generate.

If you are a food brand, these are some examples:

Team. Humanize your brand by introducing those who are part of the team.

Tips or recommendations. Tips on eating are always very well received by fans.

Recipes. The publication of own recipes such as those generated by consumers or influencers is usually content that works very well on Instagram.

Lifestyle. Present different moments of consumption of your product.

Brand values. If your company is committed to sustainability, family conciliation, equality, social inclusion … Let us know and show examples of other companies that also share your same values!

Next, prepare the content agenda. It is not about writing in an excel what you are going to publish each day. In the contents agenda you must indicate the following:

Purpose of each publication. Generate engagement, inform, web traffic, sales …

Date and time of publication.

Copy. What will be the text of the publication?

Hashtags. What hashtag are you going to include in said post?

Format of multimedia content. Image, collage, carousel images, video, IGTV …

Post content frequently

In social networks, you may know there is a basic premise: publish only quality content.

As for the frequency of publication, my advice is between 3 or 5 publications a week and 5 or 7 stories. It depends on what content you generate. If you are food influencers and you publish the process of preparing a recipe in your stories, obviously the number will be much higher. And it is totally valid!

Moreover, it is highly suggested that you should see your statistics to choose the best time to post.

Work with stories

As I explained in the article “How to achieve greater reach in publications”, use the functionalities of stories. More and more tools offer us to generate interactions: surveys, questions, questionnaires … The more your followers interact with your stories, the more possibilities they will have to later see your publications.


As for the use of hashtag, it is very important to choose the appropriate ones, those that generate the most visibility and not include more than 10 in the posts or copy or paste them each time from another post. You have to write them by hand each time.

If you don’t know which ones give you the most visibility, I recommend using the Metricool tool. You will be able to know which are the hashtag that you have used in your last posts that have worked best.

Make live videos

Live videos are for your profile. Plan in your content agenda the creation of live videos periodically and announce them in advance both in the posts and in the stories. This will increase the interest of your potential followers towards your Instagram account.

Go Instagram Live with other influencers

Instagram Live allows you to add other influencers in the live. It is a good way to introduce yourself to the followers of other accounts and thus be able to attract those followers.

For example, whether you are an influencer or a business account, arrange an interview with another related account through Instagram Live on your account and have him promote it on his profile through stories. Both of you will get content of great value, greater visibility, and therefore, more possibilities of adding followers.

Indicate the location in your stories and in your publications

To improve the visibility of your publications or stories, you can always indicate the location, either the location of the company or the population. In this way you will be able searched online, and thus, that users who do not know you will have the opportunity to meet you.

Conclusion: It is not that difficult to become an influencer, just follow these strategies, you can also achieve this with the most effective method and retain your followers longer.