How to Increase Instagram Followers


If you have a couple of hundred followers on your Instagram account then you can’t leverage this platform. It is pretty depressing too to have a few followers on your profile. How to increase Instagram followers? You need to have a good strategy to garner a number of followers. The following tips will help you to get massive followers in less time.


How to Increase Instagram followers?

  1. A good way to increase your post’s reach is by embedding the most popular posts on your blog post. Write a relevant post and embed your Instagram post in it. Your website traffic will likely to open this link and visit your profile. That way, you can garner new followers and it also improves your post reach.
  2. Another way to get huge following count is to offer discount price and coupons and share it your followers by direct message or creating a post. Encourage your followers to share this post with their friends.
  3. Leave a thoughtful comment on other’s post. However, it is exhausting time taking task but it is an effective way to capture the attention of the potential audience. Choose that photo which has less comment. In doing this, you can get more followers.
  4. Post more often. People will not follow you if you are updating your page. Give them the reason to keep following you. Keep them satisfied and post at least 3 photos a day. But post them at the right time i.e. between 3 pm to 5 pm or early in the morning. Don’t post at midnight because your post will not get good engagement rate.
  5. Collaborate with the contributors and ask them to add your profile link in their most read articles. When your Instagram profile link will be featured in the contributed content pieces and other blogs, you will get new followers in a short period of time. Moreover, your brand exposure will also increase.
  6. As we all know, the engagement rate of Instagram post id more than any other social media post. So always share your company latest update on Instagram before sharing these updates on Facebook and Twitter.
  7. Live video feature of Instagram work differently from other types of content. Whenever you post your live video, your followers will get a notification. Also, your followers can check your video in the search tab. It is a good way to increase the reach of your account more quickly.
  8. Share your Instagram post on another social platform too because your followers on other social media may have an Instagram account too. Moreover, your existing followers on other social media networks can find you on Instagram more easily.
  9. One of the best ways to increase your post reach is to incorporate more information unto your every post. Also, add geotags and proper hashtags to make your content more searchable.
  10. Add a caption to each post. But it should be simple yet creative. Also, share with your followers that why you created this post etc.



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