How to Save Your Business Time and Money

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Do you feel that your business is continually losing money and you are not sure why? Perhaps you find yourself having to spend on month by month basis, instead of saving so that you can begin to reinvest in the future of your venture? You may also feel that you never have enough time to focus your attention the key tasks that will ensure the smooth and efficient running of your firm. If the answer to these above statements is a resounding yes, then it is time that you reassessed your business operations and put new measures in place so that you can cut back on outgoings and up your overall productivity.

First, if you want to make lasting changes to your business, you need to sit down with your entire team and review which areas of your venture as costing you big. While this may be a difficult step to take, it will be worth it so that you can review and analyze how you can begin to cut costs and save time. From the amount that you are spending on your suppliers to processing times or even your office space, all areas of your business should be included in your initial brainstorming sessions. Once you have completed this from a managerial level, it is vital that you take this step with your employees too, by providing them the opportunity to have open and honest discussions with their line managers. Remember, that if your workforce is not engaged, then your business output will be suffering.

Workforce engagement

A lack of drive, engagement and motivation could spell failure for any business that is looking to improve its results, gain better output and even have an impact on the overall financial results. If you know that your workforce is not engaged, then it is up to you to review how you can get your employees back on side. If you do not already offer any corporate benefits or perks, then consider budgeting these in as part of your business plan. From childcare assistance to subsidized gym memberships, it is essential that your employees are happy and healthy so that your business can continue to flourish. If your colleagues have identified any areas of the business that they feel are taking too long to get results, or are slow and outdated, then do listen to these ideas and consider discussing them with key stakeholders or your business partners. It is always worth listening to initial feedback as this may enable you to rethink and reshuffle your business so that you can boost productivity and save a few dollars to boot.

Time-saving hacks

Chances are, your business is wasting precious time on the completion of simple tasks. From social media posts to completing tax returns and your payroll, consider using the best of what you have at your fingertips to free up some time and boost your overall operations also. If you have not yet woken up to the benefits of automating key tasks, then you are losing out. Consider using tools such as Hootsuite to schedule your social media posts, and ensure that you have coverage even while you are out of the office. While you may want to rethink your payroll scheme and introduce the software that can help to streamline this process. Time-saving hacks and software are the perfect solutions if you find that there are never enough hours in the day, or you want to check that your company is continuing to get the results that you need, even while you are all out of the office.

Rethink your marketing

For any business, the marketing budget usually consumes a large chunk of the finances that you have set aside to dedicate to promoting your venture and increasing brand awareness. So, you will need to rethink your marketing approach if you are looking to save money. Luckily, social media is a free and simple tool that you can use, to ensure that you raise your business profile and begin to boost the number of followers that you have who love your products and want to do business with you. You will need to think this through strategically, by first providing a steady stream of content to your corporate website in the form of videos, posts, and blogs that demonstrate your awareness and understanding of the market. Next, you can start to provide fun and engaging tweet and imagery on sites such as Instagram or Twitter, to ensure that you are pushing new clients into your sales funnel. Rethink your marketing, and you will save your business a huge part of your annual budget.


Even if you have been with the same supplier for years, they could sadly be costing your business more money than you may realize. Take time to research the current market so that you can get the best and lowest price available to you. You may find that some suppliers will cut their costs if you consider paying a year worth of product in one go, and consider using a credit card to cover these costs. You can find out more from sites such as Bonsai Finance. Keep your suppliers on side and do pay them on time, or else you risk getting fined for your poor credit and upkeep.

If you are looking to save your business both time and money then you can start by checking just how engaged your workforce is to ensure that you boost productivity and are confident that your business output is rising. Consider implementing time-saving software as the ideal hack to save you some precious time during the working day, and rethink your marketing strategy to make the most of social media as a low cost and effective tool to boost engagement and gain new business leads. Finally, do reconsider your suppliers, as new alternatives could be cheaper and provide you with a better service or product. By making these changes, you will notice that you save considerable amounts of time and money.

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