Slot Games with the Best Odds


Slot games’ assortment within the network really amazes with its diversity, so gamblers have a hard time choosing slots for priority games for money. Everyone wants to play slot machines with maximum profitability, but in order to find it, one needs to know the way to evaluate this profitability. One of the easiest methods for determining winning and lucrative slot games is to estimate the height of the coefficient level. If any ordinary winning combination falls, it will be paid according to the bet upon the played line multiplied by the corresponding coefficient. If this ratio is high, then the amount of money reward will be large. If the coefficient is low, even when playing large bets there’s no possibility to win a lot. That’s why most gamblers pay paramount attention to the size of payout ratios, preferring slots with large multipliers.

Slot games with the highest coefficients

The theoretical return of slot games, which is expressed as a percentage, indicates how much of the user rates’ total the slot returns with payouts amount. As a rule, in modern games this indicator is at least 95%, but in the best variations it exceeds 97%. When assessing the profitability of gambling machines by the criterion of the payout ratios’ value, it makes sense to pay attention to the minimum and maximum multipliers. They form the range to which all other coefficients belong. Advantage should be given to slots in which the minimum multiplier is as high as possible. With the maximum multiplier, it’s not so simple. If the maximum coefficient that is responsible for the jackpot is too high, it can mean a small chance of winning. Therefore, professionals do not advise playing high bets in slots with a maximum payout ratio of more than 9-10 thousand bets.

Slot machines with moderately high odds represented by are the most optimal choice for gamblers. They have several important advantages. First of all, it is an opportunity to play in an online casino with minimal costs, doing low rates and carrying small risks. This is also possible when playing slots with low multipliers, but you will not win good money when playing at minimum settings. Playing even at minimum rates in slots with high multipliers, you can break a big jackpot. Another advantage of such online slots is that you can play them with minimal risks, which is so important for beginners and professionals that aren’t prone to great risk. It should be mentioned that the degree of slot variation indicates the level of its risk. The higher the variance is, the more likely that you will lose. One should not confuse this indicator with the above mentioned theoretical return. In online gambling, there are a lot of slot machines that give out, for example, 97% payments of the rates, but they are fundamentally different in terms of volatility.

What does variance mean concerning slot machines?

Dispersion only shows how much the level of payments can deviate from the provider’s claimed return in a separate gaming session. It is also important to understand that the concept under consideration is very conditional and not universally accepted. There are no clear criteria for dividing slot machines according to the degree of variability. As a rule, software providers for casinos do not indicate the degree of variance in the technical characteristics of slots at all.

Thus, it cannot be said that the level of volatility is a measure of the quality or profitability of a gaming machine. This is just one of the many features that each slot has. It should be taken into account when choosing a slot, the base rate and strategy for the game. It can be said that low-dispersion gaming machines are paid often, and in slots with high volatility, combinations are formed much less frequently. Naturally, if the slot pays in almost every back, the winnings’ amount cannot be large. Accordingly, in slots with small variability, the total payment for a round often does not exceed the total rate. This means that not every spin that brings a payout is winning. In slots with a large variance, this happens much more rarely. If you receive a win, it is almost always larger than the bet’s amount.

Summing up, slot games with the best odds are highly dispersive slots, in which long series without winnings are common. For several dozen spins in a row, the player can spend money without getting anything in return. But then either a big combination falls, or the free-backs start, or the prize round begins. This includes many classical slot games with one or three lines, as well as various slot machines with huge progressive jackpots.

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