Importance of Online Discourse Communities

A social network of participants that shares the same set of communicative purpose can be defined as a discourse community. These days, social networking sights are also serving the purpose of turning into discourse communities. An online discourse community is divided into four phases namely, the orientation, experimentation, productivity and finally the transformation.

The communication between the discourse members evolves itself each day, continuously defining and redefining the discourse goals. The goals of a discourse community are commonly assumed to be definitive, as they are shared by all the members. But a public discourse community or an academic discourse community cannot have shared common genres and goals.



The Virtual Arena

The members of a virtual or online discourse community come together to share their common ideals or ideas by a natural will to connect with other like-minded people. If this communication extends, the members of the discourse community continue building long personal relationships in the cyber world. These text circulation networks are not entirely accurate and precise, as they keep emphasizing on uniformity and symmetry. They may also be mistakenly controversial in nature.

The role of each member is clearly defined in the community and they maintain them religiously. An online discourse community also stretches beyond its own boundaries into other heterogeneous groups such as in a scholastic discourse community; the teacher may interact with colleagues, parents or students, all of them being an individual discourse community of their own.

Influence of Anonymity


The influence of anonymity is paramount on the participation in Best Anonymous Blog Sites online. An anonymous identity system applied in an online discourse community has practical effects on its members or participants. However, there are certain online platforms that do not encourage an anonymous participation on their websites, while there are other platforms wherein you sign in and they offer you to choose a name by which you want to be recognized in the future.

Anonymity is often considered to promote uncivil and impolite discussions in the community but we need to understand the fact that anonymity has a very strong influence on the members’ participation.

Social Appreciation


How to promote an anonymous blog?A discourse community member’s anonymity has an effect on the visibility of his social signals. For example a long text written on a subject in the community blog will achieve social appreciation from the rest of the participants. If you are truly committed to your discourse community, your web presence can be evenly established in the blog. An anonymous blogger can help in molding a positive group identity for the discourse group with his texts.

The Existence of Technology


Several researches have been conducted on discourse communities to investigate how people use technologies to communicate with each other. Create your own anonymous blog, which may be perceived negatively in the online environment. An anonymous discussion has sometimes even considered being dangerous by the society. There has been a strong political will against the internet usage on anonymity and therefore several registration schemes have been enforced on online portals by the government to prevent this.

It is assumed that the quality of discussions takes a negative course in the discourse communities, when the participants are anonymous. Anonymity defies accountability on behalf of the participant, to be held responsible for his own illicit statement.

Negativity raised by Anonymity


Can we have an anonymous blog?Of course you can, but it has been seen that anonymity in a discourse community may lead to mob behavior by an otherwise normal group of participants who could turn into violent, obscene and raging writers. But anonymity clearly supports a social support platform wherein the user can share his most intimate and sensitive aspects of his personal life secretly.

By being anonymous the discourse community participants can talk openly about some of the humiliating or degrading aspects of their personal behavior at some time. Also it gives the anonymous blogger to establish a new online identity which could not have been possible in real time life.

Effective use of Online Community


How to have a successful anonymous blog? By writing anonymously, a discourse community member is effectively using a social media platform to express his opinion freely and without any bias. When the anonymous blogger raises his participation in the community, the willingness to use the platform also equally increases.

In a broader prospect, an online discourse community has a group of participants with common goals, a way to communicate within the community, to inform other members of your knowledge and take feedback from them, ability to discuss on various common genres and each member having similar levels of expertise on a common subject. The members are united on the basis of their culture or even intellectual levels. Web based discourse communities have taken over the traditional approach of interpersonal communication at a work place.