What is Gaming Lag and Why Does it Happen?

Every gamer out there will tell you that there is absolutely nothing more frustrating than having your phone lag right in the middle of a game. After all, one simple bit of lag could cause you to mess up or even die. This is the last thing that you need, but if you want to do something about that then this is very easy to do and sometimes it’s just a few simple changes that are required.




Lagging is quite possibly one of the most frustrating aspects of playing a game. The problem is that a second of lag can disrupt your game and cause you to lose a level. If you want to stop lags from ruining your game entirely then you need to try take advantage of the game boost feature. This gives you a much better experience by optimizing any games and apps you play. You should take note that if you keep this running all the time then you may find that your phone starts to slow down as a result and this is the last thing that you want. Just make sure that you turn it on and off accordingly, after all, you cannot miss Cleopatra Slot big win opportunities just because your phone can’t keep up.


What is Lag?

Lag is when your smartphone or your computer has a slow response time. If your device has a slow application time then this is also considered as being lag. Lag is really bad for gamers because it can mean the difference between winning and losing. If you press a button to try and make your character jump and your device lags then this could be what killed your character, as opposed to your response time.

The Hardships of Lag

Another reason why lag is so frustrating is because it can cause your game to pause briefly. When it unfreezes, you may find that your character is in a different place and this can be confusing. Your character could move to a dangerous spot right after it unfreezes, and this can cause you to die in the game.

What Causes Lag?

Lag can be caused by a slow connection or a bad WiFi connection. It can also be caused by you having too many apps on your computer or even your smartphone. If your device has a lot of things running in the background, then this will slow you down. Lag can also cause your game to come to a stop and this can be enough to make any gamer upset. If you want to prevent lag, then you need to try and find a way to boost your internet connection and you also need to clear any apps that are not used from your device. You can do this by using the App Manager feature. You can do this in a single click, so make sure that you explore this as an option if you want to make the most out of your device in general.

All in all, lag can be frustrating to say the least but when you think about it, it is more than possible to combat the effects of lag by simply trying to better your system. When you do this and then pinpoint the source of the lag, you can easily have a system which is faster, smoother to operate and most of all, able to keep up with your general computing needs. If you want to upgrade your PC, then look into getting more RAM, as this will stop your lag from being as noticeable.