Introducing – an App Store for Casinos


The Google Play Store has been lacking in certain types of gaming apps such as real playing gambling titles. In an effort to full this need niche, a new app store called Cherry Rush has been released. This new store will provide Android users with a wide assortment of gambling apps.

The Cherry Rush app store assembles all the best real gambling apps in one place making it easy to compare casinos and find the best one to meet your individual gaming needs. One of the best things about Cherry Rush is that gamers can feel confident when downloading one of the casino apps as Cherry Rush carefully screens and selects which apps to provide its customers. After selecting a casino, the whole download process is quite simple and safe with no worry of viruses or other malware infecting your phone. All of these casino apps have been designed for use on mobile devices which makes them even better for Android users. The buttons and controls are well spaced on the screen to make the casino games easy to play.

The assortment of casino apps at Cherry Rush is impressive. The site,, is very visually appealing and well organized. The site selects certain games each week to feature. This helps to give site users exposure to new apps they may wish to try. Since the apps can be downloaded easily and free of charge, it is quite easy for gamblers to try out different casino apps. Another section includes staff picks. These are apps that the Cherry Rush staff have tried themselves and personally recommend. This can be especially helpful for the novice gambler who isn’t sure with which app to start. offers a different way of looking at real gambling. Designed for the first time gambler or those who are a bit more well -seasoned, Cherry Rush is the best place to find mobile casino apps.