Reasons Slots Are Better Than Blackjack

The game of slots is a favorite casino game for both land-based and online gambling casinos. Slot machines are truly a darling of many if the numbers of online players partaking in such games are anything to go by. However, the table game of Blackjack also has fans in equal measure. Blackjack has some betting types including inside and outside bets. You can sample a variety of these games at


However, when you are caught in a conundrum regarding which of the two is better, these reasons should help you see why slots are better than Blackjack.

  1. Higher Probability of Winning

A good game is that which provides gamers with a higher chance of winning. Slots vary in the number of paylines with others being as low as 10 and others as high as 243 paylines. Regardless, a win is likelier when playing slots because matching two, three or more symbols on the reels along payline amounts to a win.

2. Larger Winnings

In blackjack, the most a player can amass is one and a half times his wager; and this only happens when she or he hits a blackjack. In a bid to earn twice your bet, you have to split your bet and double it up.

In contrary, the slot machines offer players with enormous earnings. For instance, progressive slot machines have the special progressive jackpot. Mega Moolah Progressive Slot for example, slowly builds a central prize pool using all online players’ stakes. In the end, an ultimate prize amounting to millions in cash is won by one of the lucky participants. Blackjack does not offer such mega money opportunities.

3. Relatively Lower Minimum Stakes

Usually, the least bet limit allowed for most blackjack tables is five dollars. Other minimum bets range between ten to twenty dollars. That is quite a hag especially for gamblers seeking to build up from the ground using less money.

Fortunately, the slots offer perfect cover for such gamblers looking for the long shot. With bets per line going for as low as 0.01, the minimum stake couldn’t be any lower than that. Surely, the slots are affordable to many punters.

4. Fewer Losses Incurred

Furthermore, the average losses suffered when playing slots are relatively lower than those from blackjack. The slowest of blackjack tables play fifty games an hour. Hence a ten dollar table means you bet $500 in one hour.

In slot machines, the amount you play per hour is subject to the Return to Player rate of the machine itself. For instance, betting twenty-five dollars an hour in a 95% payback machine means you only lose $1.25 in that period.

5. No Strategy Needed

Strategic decisions are vital when playing blackjack. You need to know the most opportune moments to hit, stand, and double down, split or surrender. Also, the worry of beating the house is always imminent, and players always hope to avoid losing out on the house.

Slot machines, however, require no complex strategy to win. All you do is insert coins, spin and await lady luck to shine upon you.

6. Variety of Choice

Although a few rules may vary here and there, blackjack is more or less similar wherever you play it. As a result, this monotony may become too boring at times. This feeling of boredom is distant from the world of slot gaming. This is because there are countless variants of slot machines including:

  • 3 reel slots
  • 5 reel slots
  • Video slots
  • Progressive slots
  • 243 payline slots

On top of that, you have the luxury of choosing a theme of your choice as there are slots adapted from films, sports, and video games among other cultures.

7. Bonus Games

Slots also have bonus rounds from which players can boost their earnings even further. These include:

  • Gamble Feature

This is an extra game at the end of a base game where a player gambles his or her winning against a dealer. The earnings may be doubled or tripled.

  • Free Spins Bonus Features

These are extra spins on the reels that are usually offered by a special symbol known as the scatter.

  • Multipliers

These are bonuses that increase one’s bonus scores by multiplying it by a certain number. Multipliers of x2, x3, and x4 double, triple and quadruple a punter’s earnings respectively.

  • Bonus Games

These are feature games occurring within or at the end of a base game. For instance, Zombies slot has a section where a player enjoys shooting down zombies for extra coins.

8. Much More Fun

Generally, slots are much more fun to play because of the interface, sounds and music, in-game animations and the simplicity of its gameplay. Also, the rules of playing slots are simple.

9. No Advantage to the House

Finally, the slot machines, unlike in Blackjack, have a Random Number Generator chip (RNG) which ensures the results are fair to both the casino and the player. In blackjack, the house is slightly advantaged especially if the player is less skilled. The RNG machination ensures that matched symbols on the reels are random algorithms that cannot be manipulated for unfair gains.

Surely, both online and land-based slot machines are more enjoyable than playing blackjack because of their simplicity, ease to use and win, and the relatively lower rate of losing. Also, the fairness of slots due to RNG technology is more reason to choose them over blackjack come rain or shine.