Is Online Education Worth Considering?


There is reason to believe those born after 1980 are the best-educated generation ever. More people have degrees than ever before, despite the cost of studying increasing exponentially. The direction of academic initiatives are shifting in line with technological advancements. Online learning has become a realistic prospect, where resources have improved considerably to facilitate effective learning. Many leading institutions offer innovative academic programs online, where individuals can benefit from an academic experienced tailored their needs.

Online courses are gaining traction in today’s digital age, but are they really worth it? This article will explore this idea.

Are Online Degrees Cheaper?

Online education has many advantages, ranging from convenience to program availability, but are you asked to pay more for these perks? Fortunately not. Most institutions offer online and offline courses at the same rate, but in cases where online tuition is more, you’ll save indirectly anyway. It’s easy to get hung up on costs, but it’s important to consider saving opportunities that you might overlook. Here is a list of some of the ways you can save:

  • Reduced transportation costs
  • No parking fees
  • Increased flexibility allowing you to work
  • Avoiding the premium cost of living
  • No Textbooks needed

The Hidden Value of eLearning

Besides the indirect cost savings mentioned above, some courses are actually cheaper to enroll in. With no classrooms and desks required, your tuition fees won’t reflect these costs. Instructors can reach significantly more students, while video lectures can be accessed time and time again. This not only stretches savings, but it affords students the luxury of accessing content as and when they need to. You’re not restricted by geographic location, increasing your options considerably. This means if you want to study, for example, an ASE Automotive Degree, relocating isn’t necessary. Students can create their own work schedules, learning how to effectively organize in a self-reliant, disciplined fashion.

Is an Online Degree Really Worth It?

Online degrees are well worth the financial investment. You’re likely to receive a positive return over your lifetime, because with a degree you’ll increase your lifetime earnings considerably. The Bureau of Labor Statistics monitors wages based on academic level, and people with bachelor’s degrees have the highest median weekly earnings. If you can achieve this level of education from the comfort of your own home, that’s an appealing prospect for any learner.

Growing Approval

The credibility of eLearning has been growing for some time. Modern students who are interested in advancing their education are increasingly choosing online routes. Schools are consequently expanding their offerings to accommodate the evolving needs of society. Academic leaders are viewing online education as a viable option. According to the 2012 “Changing Course” study, 77 percent of academic leaders viewed eLearning as the same or superior to traditional learning. This number has undoubtedly increased since, as the quality of programs continues to improve to meet specific standards. Though online education isn’t for everyone, it’s certainly worth considering if you’re a self-sufficient, motivated worker.