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Found an email from Candella this morning in my inbox, they sent me over some information about their upcoming racing game called Kraze and a few screenshots as well…

Kraze™ is a multi-genre racing game for the PC.

Armed with an array of the most powerful cars ever designed, players compete for the Kraze Championship which includes racing modes such as Off Road, Rally, F1 and Street Race. Kraze challenges the player’s concentration, car handling and racing skills on a variety of environments from narrow city lanes, perilous mountain cliffs to the shimmering sands of a mirage-strewn desert.


The salient features of Kraze™ include:

•          13 different vehicles with varying speed and handling

•          8 different locations around the world

•          Off-Road, Rally, F1 & Street Race modes

•          Championship, Quick Race & Time Trial

•          Individual profiles and vehicle customisation

•          Slow motion action replays and recording of races

Kraze™ on the PC will be available to buy this summer.




About Candella Systems Ltd

Based in the United Kingdom, Candella Systems Ltd is a developer and publisher of videogames for the PC, consoles and handhelds. Over the past several years, the company worked on several games for the PC and consoles including Pyroblazer (PC), Juiced (PlayStation 2, PC), Stubbs the Zombie (PC, Xbox) and The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift (PlayStation 2, PSP). The company currently has several projects in development for the PC and consoles.

About 7Seas Tech

7Seas is India’s first ISO 9001:2000 Certified Games Development Company. 7Seas develops games for PC, Mobile and Consoles. 7Seas Online gaming portal contains about  300 games for all age groups. 7Seas has also released seven 3D Mobile Games worldwide.

The company bagged the  ‘2008 International  Stevie Business Award’  in the ‘Best Website’ category for portal  and  has also bagged FICCI-BAF (Best of Animation Frames) award for its ‘Mouse Maze’ game in the ‘Best Online Game’ category for 2008.

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