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Back in the early nineties tinted car windows were found all over the roads. Some cars came with pre-tinted windows, while others had self applied tinting which would bubble up over time and made those car windows look like they had chicken pox. Why am I talking about tinted windows in regards to an iPhone 3G product? Well today’s review product uses the tinting concept for its iPhone 3G screen protector.

ArtWizz has released its first screen protector – the MirrorFilm for iPhone 3G. While most screen protectors feature glossy or a non-reflective finish, this one is totally mirrored. Besides protecting ones iPhone 3G’s screen from scratches and scrapes the MirrorFilm provides the added feature of having a mirror on your phone. So when the display is off you have a nice mirror to see how cool you are for owning an iPhone 3G.

The MirrorFilm for iPhone 3G comes packaged in a plastic blister card. On the front is a picture of an iPhone both powered on and off. The back lists the features of the product in eight different languages.

Mirror01 Mirror02 Mirror03 Mirror04 Mirror05

Once the package is opened we find the MirrorFilm for iPhone 3G, an instruction sheet, a plastic squeegee and a cleaning cloth. Upon inspection of the MirrorFilm we see there are two barrier films on each side of the screen protector.

Mirror06 Mirror07 Mirror08 Mirror09 Mirror10 Mirror11


Mirror film for iPhone 3G
– When display off: The display transforms into a mirror!
– When display on: The display can be clearly seen and used as usual
– Does not impede the iPhone 3G operability
– No residue upon removal

-1 x MirrorFilm for iPhone 3G (front surface)

For those who have applied iPhone 3G screen protectors in the past then the application of the MirrorFilm for iPhone 3G should seem quite familiar.

First make sure the iPhone screen is clean; then remove all dust before attempting to apply the MirrorFilm. Next take off the plastic cover marked "1" (red label) so the sticky side of the screen protector is exposed. Align the screen protector along the edge of the screen with the blue label at the top of the screen. At this point you may need to readjust the position so carefully lift up and reapply.

Once the MirrorFilm is in its final position carefully remove the second plastic cover marked "2" (blue label) from the top to the bottom of the screen protector. Gently slide the provided soft card over the surface to push out any small bubbles. Hopefully all the air bubbles were expelled using the squeegee card.

Mirror12 Mirror13 Mirror14

Here is the iPhone 3G after the application of the MirrorFilm for iPhone 3G.

It is hard to appreciate the mirror finish with the head on photos. When the iPhone is on we can easily see the screen without any difficulty. However there is a slightly noticeable decrease in luminescence with the MirrorFilm for iPhone 3G in place.

Mirror15 Mirror16 Mirror17 Mirror18 Mirror19 Mirror20

These pictures reveal how reflective the MirrorFilm for iPhone 3G truly is.

Mirror21 Mirror22 Mirror23 Mirror24 Mirror25 Mirror26

As with most shiny surfaces, fingerprints were definitely more noticeable on the MirrorFilm for iPhone 3G surface. Surprisingly these fingerprints were less noticeable than the glossy clear screen protector that was in place on my iPhone 3G before the mirrored model.

Since it adheres via a static interface, there is no sticky residue to clean when removing the MirrorFilm.

Aesthetically the mirror finish is a matter of personal preference. I personally thought it looked pretty cool while my wife hated it.

Does the iPhone 3G need a mirrored surface? It does come in handy if you are a vain type of person, which this author states emphatically he is not! Otherwise the MirrorFilm for iPhone 3G offers very little utility other than providing a nice mirrored surface for ones iPhone.

In the states ArtWizz products may be purchased through Harmonic Inversion Technology at



The MirrorFilm for iPhone 3G is a good screen protector. It stays on via a static cling so there is no residue when removed. It covers the entire screen surface thus protecting it from harm.

Until recently there have been two flavors of iPhone screen protectors: glossy and non-reflective. ArtWizz has broadened the field by introducing the MirrorFilm for iPhone 3G. Whether you needed a mirrored screen protector is a matter of personal choice. If that is your personal preference then the MirrorFilm for iPhone 3G is an excellent choice.


Protects iPhone 3G Screen
Can double as a mirror
Simple to apply

Picks up fingerprints

Overall score-8-10
Design score-8-10
Performance score-9-10

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