Learn The Benefits And How To Use Aliexpress Dropshipping


Dropshipping helps people to start an e-commerce business without being anxious about hoarding or managing inventory. The store does not hold products it has listed on the website. Instead, it contacts the supplier to directly ship the products on its behalf to customers. Consequently, the store does not have to manage or stock inventory for selling its products. People can easily find numerous reliable suppliers such as Aliexpress dropshipping merchants on the internet.



What is Aliexpress?

Aliexpress is one of the popular e-commerce platforms with a wide range of products. It is a Chinese based company that was established in the year 2010. The platform is currently owned by Alibaba group and provide online products to overseas buyers. Moreover, this e-commerce platform is available in different languages including English, Dutch, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, and many more. It facilitates big and small-scale businesses to cater to different requirements of customers.

Setting up a dropshipping store on Aliexpress

The first and foremost step is to determine a specific category of products. Aliexpress dropshipping offers a huge range of categories, including women’s and men’s clothing, appliances, baby toys, home, phones, and beauty. After selecting the category, the next step is to determine the products for reselling.

Generally, it is advised to stay away from retailers dealing with huge brands to prevent scams. One cannot legally sell branded products unless they are in a contract with them. People should also look for retailers with free ePacket delivery. It is a cost-effective alternative for shippers who charge extra for ePacket delivery.

Benefits of Aliexpres dropshipping for sellers

Dropshipping is preferred due to an abundance of benefits to both supplier and buyer.

? Sellers have complete control over their margins. They are not legally bound to a predetermined Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).

? They have the sole authority to determine the retail price for their products.

? There is no specific requirement for joining Aliexpress dropshipping. A well-established business is not a significant prerequisite and anyone can join the platform.

? Sellers can determine how many units or types of products they want to sell.

How to use Aliexpress dropshipping?

The process of dropshipping with Aliexpress is pretty much the same as the other drop shippers.

? After setting up an Aliexpress dropshipping store and listing all the products, the retailers have to wait till someone places an order.

? After an order has been placed, sellers can purchase the products from Aliexpress and specify the customer’s name and shipping address.

? The rest will be handled by the AliExpress seller.

Another method of using Aliexpress dropshipping is doing it manually. This method generally requires the seller to make a spreadsheet for entering the necessary details. It includes the product they are selling, its price, links to the AliExpress listing.


Patience, consistency, and hard work is required to become a complete expert at dropshipping. A major part of the population prefers it due to its convenience and feasibility. Moreover, it does not require much capital or popularity to join the platform.