Mobile Or PC? Which Is More Fun For An Online Casino Experience?


Thanks to technology we’re living in a golden age of free spins no deposit australia 2022 and virtual casinos. Site presentation as well as gaming variety and production values have never been better and there’s no sign of the trend slowing down any time soon. All of this is thanks to the massive expansion of mobile gaming over the last decade or so, where people can play casino games on their smartphone or tablet anywhere with WiFi or good quality 3G connectivity. Yet this still begs the very fair question of which format offers the best, most fun experience for the player? Let’s take a look at the merits and drawbacks of both options.

The Advantages Of Mobile Casino Gaming

It didn’t take long for the casino gaming industry to cotton on to the massive potential offered by platforms suitable for mobile gaming. However this doesn’t mean that is hasn’t been without a few stresses too. While tablets are large enough to make PC optimized casino websites generally playable, it has rapidly become clear that even larger smartphones simply aren’t suitable for this style of gaming. There’s simply too many buttons on screen for accurate pressing without needing to constantly zoom in and out.

This realization has seen an entire industry develop that is devoted to making online casinos perform on mobile technology. It’s now a sector worth tens of millions per year – and growing fast – which has seen all the major casinos now offer entirely mobile compatible gaming experience. Take for example Redflush Mobile Casino Games – which incorporates intelligent, uncluttered design without compromising the game quality. Indeed many players prefer this simple style over that offered on a main website, allowing for easy and convenient gaming on a device that’s comfortable to hold.

Of course mobile technology also allows for players to enjoy a free or real money game anywhere they wish. It’s hardly practical to play a few spins with a laptop when riding on a busy train or waiting in a line, and yet with smartphone gaming it’s as easy as typing an SMS. Incidentally the growing availability of SMS deposits is a great trend towards making mobile gaming even more accessible.

Market research clearly suggests that many casino game players are now finding themselves using mobile as their preferred platform, even when near to a computer. The only game where mobile has struggled to adapt towards is multiplayer poker, as while tablets can be perfectly playable it’s simply too complex and detailed for all but the largest smartphones. Slots are increasingly becoming designed exclusively for mobile use, with there even being a few very recent developments in allowing players to enjoy such games on their smartwatches too.

The Advantages Of PC Casino Gaming

Players may still find that they are presented with more options on a dedicated PC based website than they are with a mobile one. This is especially true for sports book fans who like to bet on very detailed markets that may run into the dozens of wagering subsections. For example placing accumulator bets on multiple sporting results is much easier on PC, and although mobile is rapidly catching up nothing beats a mouse and large screen to place these bets.

PCs also have naturally more power and usually also a better more stable internet connection, allowing for casino websites to be enjoyed exactly as intended. It’s not so clear a difference nowadays but the game quality will always be 100% of its potential when enjoyed via PC. As mentioned above this is still very much the case with poker, especially when enjoying an evening of tournament play.

Regular players will also note that PCs – in this case laptops – have much longer battery life than mobile technology when being used to run apps. This may not seem much to the casual user and is less the case with more recent mobile tech, but laptops still rule the roost for players looking for a more reliable game on the go.


As much as it remains a matter of personal choice it’s difficult not to be enormously impressed at the massive increases in the quality of mobile gaming. It’s certainly a much more fun experience than it was a few years ago, and it’s likely that in the coming years mobile devices will surpass PCs as the favored means of enjoying online casino gaming.