Online Casino Bonuses Explained

The online gaming sector has transformed itself into one of the most prosperous industries in the world. Worth an eye-watering $135 billion as of 2018, that figure is only likely to increase over the coming years. From a player’s perspective, there’s no better time to participate in the wide variety of casino games that are readily available, and there are plenty of bonuses ready to be utilized at the click of a button.



Admittedly, there are a heck of a lot of different bonuses and variations and this can get confusing for users – in particular if you’re relatively new to the online scene. Here, we’ll run you through some of the best online casino bonuses but before we do, be sure to check out Betfair’s latest roulette offerings right here: (And yes, there are bonuses to take advantage of).

Welcome bonus

The most common of all online casino offerings is the welcome bonus, which you’ll find on all reputable gambling and gaming websites. As you can imagine, the welcome bonus is fairly straightforward and is usually paid via free spins or a matched deposit bonus. New players will typically get a 100% match bonus – so if you deposit $100 the casino will give you the exact same, providing $200 to play with. As ever, always read the T&Cs before making your deposit so you know exactly what to expect.

No deposit bonus

This does exactly what is says on the tin. A no deposit bonus will ensure the player gets to test and trial their chosen game without making a deposit first. Not all online casinos offer this type of bonus so be sure to find a site that definitely provides this. Generally speaking, once you find a site and sign up, the bonus becomes automatically available and you can play straight away. Depending on the casino, if you do win anything using this bonus, you may have to deposit in order to withdraw so make sure to read between the lines first.

Monthly/reload bonus

These are rarer to take advantage of than the first two, but monthly and reload bonuses are favored by seasonal casino players. They do pretty much what they say they will but depending on the casino, can be provided to you in different ways. Most will send an email and certain sites will have promotions on their home page as well. Monthly bonuses are typically reserved for VIP and loyal players so it might take some time to take advantage of them.


VIP bonus

Again, similar to the monthly/reload bonus, the VIP bonus rewards those who wager a lot online. All reputable gaming companies will have a VIP team in place and they usually contact players via phone to top up their accounts. As you can imagine, VIP players don’t punt small so these bonuses are normally tailored to their needs and spending levels. VIP bonus can range from anywhere between $500-$2000 and even those who haven’t played in a while usually get rewarded to get them playing again.

Refer-a-friend bonus

These type of bonuses have been widely used across a variety of sectors, not just the gaming and gambling industry. Again, the refer-a-friend bonus is true to its name and rewards you if you can get friends to sign up. Unfortunately, these type of bonuses aren’t as widely available as they use to be but they can still be utilized if you can scope them out. As always, with all of the bonuses we’ve touched on, make sure you understand this bonus fully before making a deposit/signing up to maximize your user experience.