Playing Online Slots without Getting an Addiction


In recent years, there has been an advancement in the gambling world, and that’s the introduction of online slots. These new absolute fun casino slots are online gambling games created for the sole purpose of making the lives of people with a knack for gambling comfortable.

To this end, innovations have helped the everyday gambler to enjoy wagering and staking without visiting brick and mortar casinos. As much as this is a commendable technological success, it also comes with its attendant demerits and chief among this is the danger of a player or subscriber getting addicted.

What is Addiction?

Addiction can simply be defined as the state of being physically or psychologically dependent on or devoted to a substance or a thing. Addiction is one of the main issues challenging humanity in general as not a few people battle or face addiction struggles. Addiction can either be to a habit such as lying, masturbating, stalking, etc., or to a substance such as alcohol, tobacco, cocaine, etc.

Originally, playing casino games was meant to be a thing of leisure attended only once in a while by affluent people who are interested in taking risks in a bid to prove their courage. It is disheartening that this activity has, however, become a source of livelihood for some people and they would go to any length to ensure they gamble on a daily basis. This habit goes on to affect their economic and mental coordination as such a person would be ready to wager all his earnings to gamble online or even sell their belongings to have money to gamble, hoping to one day to hit the jackpot.

The Issue of Legality

Contrary to some people’s opinions, gambling is very much legal in most countries of the world. This business does not involve any element of the crime as all players are notified of the risks involved, and there exists no form of coercion upon players. To this end, gambling like the lottery is a game solely based on luck and good fortune. Asides this, most casinos also pay taxes and fulfill other obligations to the government. To this end, they are recognized as legal in many but not all countries of the world.

Also, most gambling institutions have terms and conditions that must be agreed upon and fulfilled before a person is allowed to participate in gaming activities. Anyone who doesn’t agree to such terms cannot gamble, and they might not be liable to the claim of such a person. Most times, these terms and conditions contain a clause to affirm that the person about to gamble has reached the acquired age, and he is fully knowledgeable of the nature of what he is about to enter and by so doing, the liability or responsibility of the gambling institution is clearly enunciated. This shows in fact that the problem of addiction in gamblers cannot be in any way linked as the fault of the providers of the online slots as they are profit-oriented organizers with no intent of causing health or psychological issues in people.

Addiction is a worldwide phenomenon, and no one can validly claim to have uncovered its concealed mysteries. We can, however, attempt to proffer tips that can prevent or rehabilitate people who are addicted.

How to Control Slot Addiction

The following are a few ways to prevent getting addicted to online gambling:

1. A player must decide how much he is willing to lose altogether.

2. A player must decide at what point he is ready to quit. In other words, he must have a target set before starting every time

3. Also, a player must set for himself a timeframe at every time. This time must not exceed 60 minutes per session

4. Take regular breaks from gambling. Take a walk, do a little of a survey of your surroundings.

5. Avoid participating in gaming sessions to overcome your problems such as depression, stress or any other challenge whatsoever. It might give you initial solace, and you tend to become an addict.

6. Playing online slots should not be regarded as a form of entertainment for any reason whatsoever. Instead, make sure to explore other interests and develop other hobbies that are healthy and beneficial to your body and mind.