Roulette: From Wooden Wheel to Virtual Game


There exist a huge variety of online casinos throughout the world. They offer hundreds of popular games promising huge jackpots for gamblers.

They add incredible amount of popular modifications for well-known gambles. Millions of slots versions, dozens poker types, craps, blackjack and new online roulette australia editions.

Are you a fan of Spiderman? There is a whole casino subnet devoted to this game with themed backgrounds. Batman lovers have impressive choice too.

Most of these gambles were invented centuries ago but they are still exciting and up to date. If you take a closer look at any Roulette mechanism – it is obvious, one should be a genius to create anything like that.

Perpetuum mobile

There are five different versions on its origin. Three countries are still struggling to prove it comes from their territory. Chinese, Tibetan, and French monks are rumored to be the designers of this wheel. Many gossips make famous Pascal the inventor of this devilish machine.

If we turn to derivation of this word, Roulette means ‘small wheel’ from French. Construction of mechanism is too complicated to be carved in monastery. This is why Pascal is more likely to be the Father for all gamblers.


In 1655, he was working on his continuously operating machine. The invention supposedly could move without any additional energy source. It is obvious that he failed. But his wheel has found another application.

One Zero

Wheel’s design knew no changes until 1800’s. King Charles III from Monaco was overly excited with this game. He asked Francois and Lois Blanc for update.

Since that time, Roulette has got a zero point on its wheel. The game became more engaging. Soon Monaco faced financial crisis. Without any hesitation, Charles built casinos inviting tourists to try his exotic invention. Country got insane income and for now, this gamble is an official Monaco symbol.

Double trouble

Roulette becomes too popular, that it double crosses the ocean and gets into the USA. Americans loved it and added one more number – double zero. Since that time, American roulette has 37 numbers. Their sum is still 666.

In the mid 90’s the era of Internet started. People moved all their regular activities there starting insanely popular virtual lives. Soon casinos shifted their platforms to the web and everyone got free unlimited access to their favorite games.

Roulette has changed its look from wheel to digital panel and achieved dozens of version to meet any gamer’s needs. Now it is a popular Internet activity with millions of fans all over the world. Still you can choose between American and Monaco games for playing alone or with your friends. It is a funny and exciting way of spending spare time at any age.