Spam-free Website Existence: How To Ensure Such?

Digital world gives so many opportunities to businesses of all sizes and all sort of ambition. If you have just started your entrepreneurial journey and want to get instant presence on the Internet, then you have to consider much more than a decent website development. Same concerns large companies who go online under the pressure of endless digital opportunities, and do not know about all of the dangers this virtual world conceals.

One of the first things which should concern you in pursuit of digital presence is spam and its serious effect on the business operations. The more people will visit your site, the higher is risk that it would be exposed to some spamming activities by fake bots or other unwanted entities. Therefore, to protect oneself from alike situations, it is worth considering anti-spam by Cleantalk being an easy-to-use application in the field. For many users, this is the best spam filtering service.


What Functions Does Anti-spam Service Perform?

First of all, lets us dwell a bit on the spam as such and its manifestations in the modern digital space. Nowadays, this can come in a variety of forms starting from unsolicited junk emails and finishing with the sneaky and dishonest ways of promoting one’s site in the search engine. In many cases, it also appears in situations when there are contact forms as well as fields for client’s feedback on the website or a landing page.

Below are some functionalities which anti-spam services usually offer to eliminate all the bad effects of spammers’ activity online:

? website visitor behavior: in order to understand whether the potential comment or message is going to be a disruptive one, the program first scans the user’s behavior and determines whether this user is a real person or spambot. If this is a real visitor, the comment will then be published. If it is a spam bot, then service blocks this comment or registering;

? invisible website protection: we all as regular Internet users are well-acquainted with CAPTCHA and other various ways through which websites are trying to understand whether we are real or not. One of the most obvious benefits of the anti-spam service mentioned above is that its activity is not seen to the visitor. Checks take place seemingless and thus does not in any way influence the customer’s experience;

? statistical data and analysis: to the end of not only blocking improper contents but also suggest some added-value services, anti-spam applications usually present statistics to the managers. This may include details on spam activity for Countries, IPs, IP networks and emails. By analyzing these data, managers will be able to make more conscious business decisions later.


All in all, there is no need being left behind all the fuss and opportunities offered by the digital space. What one should do, instead, is to make sure that he or she knows and uses the tools which would ensure that digital presence of decent quality and free of all kinds of spamming activities.