Sports Betting Goes Worldwide Thanks to Mobile Technology


Sports betting is no longer confined to traditional betting countries who have been betting for many years. Now, we are seeing sports betting available all over the world.

There is one big reason for this, and that is the improvements in mobile technology.


Without the battle between big mobile phone providers such as Apple and Samsung this probably wouldn’t be the case. It shows just how much influence the mobile industry is having right now, and it is coming across many areas including with betting.

The Improvement of Mobile Phones

We have seen a huge rise in the quality of mobile phones on offer. No longer do people need the best and most up to date phones to be able to place their bets.

Even budget phones, or those that are a few years old, can handle what is needed for players to log on and place bets, either via an app that they have downloaded or a mobile site.

Rather than being limited to just a few countries who have the best phones, sports betting has now been opened up, anyone can get involved.

The betting industry has grown because of this, and they haven’t really done anything to affect it. They have of course created their services, but it is the spread of good mobile phones that has enabled them to move into different countries and find new customers.

The Mobile Betting Service

Where the bookmakers do deserve a lot of credit is with the mobile service that they have created. Almost every bookmaker accepts bets via a mobile device, some of these are placed on an app that is downloaded and kept on your phone, while others are placed on a mobile version of the website.

However this is done, the fact is that bookmakers have built a service to gain new players, and these are of a very high standard.

You will find some great offers on the best mobile services, some of them are specific to mobile customers only. We also see plenty of bookmakers that have accumulator bonus offers available too, perfect for those who bet in this way.

Things continue to grow and become bigger and better too, bookmakers are continuing to fund mobile development. This will only push more players towards using a mobile to place bets, even if they have a computer readily available for them to use.

Mobile Internet Speed Improvements

The final thing to touch on here is something that mobile phone operators have really focused on over the past few years, and again the bookmakers have taken advantage of the improvements.

This is with mobile internet speeds. These are vital for betting via mobile, you need a fast connection to load up the site or app and allow you to move around the menu quickly.

In many cases, there is no need for any external wi-fi for gamblers, you can use your own device and the internet package with your operator. This means if you are travelling, you can still place your bets when needed.

You also need to trust the stability and security of your connection, each time you bet you are completing a money transaction and you don’t want to have any issues when doing this.

If people were unable to access the sites, struggle when placing bets or not trust the internet connection they had, there is no doubt that fewer people would bet on a mobile.

That isn’t the case, and is another reason why we have seen sports betting via a mobile phone become a worldwide hobby for millions of people.