Tech Trends Revolutionizing Business


Technology has a massive effect on all facets of our lives, including the world of business. In this article, we’re talking about the tech trends that are disrupting business. We’ll be keeping you up to date with these ones!

Artificial Intelligence

As computers are getting more and more sophisticated, they can effectively make decisions for us. This is having a major effect on businesses as they’re able to automate a lot of processes that would cost them more money if a member of staff were to do them. This is a huge benefit for businesses, as they can rest assured that tasks are being completed consistently.

As time goes on, the things that can be achieved by this kind of software will become broader. Right now, machine learning is in its infancy, in which it can perform some simple tasks. As we progress, it will be able to handle more and more information intuitively, sometimes surpassing what human employees are able to do.

There’s still a need for a human touch where these are concerned, but this need will be reduced over time. The beauty of machine learning is that always improves and understands more about the process. This means that it’s always getting more sophisticated and useful in the workplace.

This may mean that some employees change their roles slightly. For example, those that currently process a lot of data may end up in a more analytical role, with the AI doing the gathering for them.


In the world of cryptocurrency, Blockchain is an essential part of the technology. This ledger based system allows single users to access and edit the data. This is really interesting tech that fuels cryptocurrency and allows users to have a constantly updating record of transactions.

Beyond the world of cryptocurrency, this has a whole load of other applications too. Legal documents and protected information can be guarded by Blockchain tech. This means that it can only be edited by one party at any given time. This creates an open record of information, which is a standard form.

While this tech is still in its early stages, these applications have the potential to revolutionize a lot of different industries. Any business that has a need for accountability with changes in data could use this to potentially safeguard their data.

This has a whole host of other applications that may eventually have a knock on effect to other industries. The tech is virtually invulnerable, as it’s not able to be hacked or manipulated. Within the finance sector or even within governments, this creates a new way to store and share data.

The Internet of Things

These days, we’re connected with so many different devices. This is known as the Internet of Things, as it creates a network of devices that can all be used for different things. Everything from your smartphone to a smart fridge can be included under this umbrella term.

This means that soon, you will be able to control all different devices actively or passively. For example, when you leave your workplace, your oven can come on and your washing machine could start a new cycle. This has many far reaching effects beyond just those in the home too!

Within business, this offers new automation opportunities. Right now, there are still some security concerns within this network. The fear for many security experts is that it just takes lax security on one device for someone to be able to control them all.

Nevertheless, smart homes and offices are being pioneered right now. While they may be reserved for the likes of Silicon Valley at the moment, there could be a worldwide expansion coming.

User Experience

These days, there are so many companies and alternatives available that do the same thing. One business has a whole host of other competitors that are only ever a click away. For this reason, they must place an emphasis on the user experience and create something that is truly unique.

We all want to look like modern, sleek businesses that have a real handle on our industries. Translating this into a website, app or even a workplace can be difficult. Creating a user experience or brand voice that speaks to this will become ever more important in the coming years.

A lot of research is going into this area at the moment and that will reap rewards in the future. Specific businesses will be able to find out exactly what their target market wants to see, though this may come at a price.

Enhanced Productivity

Productivity and tracking is such a large part of businesses these days. We have the technology now to find out where our time has gone and where money can be saved. Passive and active tracking can be used by business owners to really boost what they are able to get from their members of staff.

Those that don’t pay attention to where this time and money goes can end up losing money in the long term. Tracking systems and project management is key for businesses that want to meet deadlines and complete projects with fewer resources being wasted.

There are so many new ways to track projects and improve productivity. Kanban is one of the up and coming ways that is being adopted by many industries. This works on a task tracking basis and it’s really useful for large scale, collaborative projects. You don’t want one team waiting for a task to be completed before they can move on, so this helps you to put your ducks in a row. If you want to find out more then you can find examples of Kanban online that will help you to see if this would have a benefit in your business.

Remote Working

It’s becoming ever more popular to work from home or in another remote setting. Employers can benefit from this, as well as their employees. Flexible working is a huge draw for staff, which can be particularly useful for those in competitive industries. This kind of attraction means that staff may compromise on salary or other perks, as this is more valuable to them.

Remote working is made possible by different software, with everything from conferencing to task management on hand. This means that there’s still a sense of accountability for the employee and the employer can see what the employee is doing. Prior to this, it was harder for this communication and accountability take place.

In the future, we may see virtual reality playing a part within this kind of working environment. This could allow people to effectively meet without having to leave their own house. This is some major tech that could come into play within the next few years. We can’t wait to see what the first virtual reality workspace will look like.

Technology is always marching forward and there’s a lot to pay attention to out there. The next big things in business could come from our list or they may be overnight sensations that haven’t even been invented yet. With so many practical applications and problems to be solved, it’s fertile ground for new inventors and their tech to really disrupt the industry.