Nikon Coolpix L340 Camera Review

Nikon L340 camera

Photography can be a great hobby or a full-time job. No matter why you want to start shooting photos, you should know as much as possible about different cameras and special techniques before you actually take photos. First of all, you need to find a great camera that has all the features you need. You should also take into consideration the fact that there are cameras designed for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users.

For beginners, you should find a camera that is both easy to use and affordable. Don’t try professional cameras before you decide whether or not you like this new hobby. One great camera for beginners is Nikon Coolpix L340. Check out this review made by Creative Photo Connect if you want to learn more about the Nikon L340 specs. There you will find everything you need to know about this great device. In this article, we are going to show you its main features and a pros and cons list.

General Specs

Before we start the review, we are going to show you the main specs of this great beginners’ camera. Nikon Coolpix L340 is a superzoom digital camera with has a built-in flash. When it comes to resolution the camera has 20.2 megapixels, 1280 X 720p, and 640 X 480p.

Its lens is 20-630mm with f/3.1-f/5.9. This camera has a 3” LCD with more than 99%coverage. When it comes to shutter speed, this camera can go from 1/1500sec to 4 sec. The Nikon camera has a small weight of less than 500 grams and its sizes are: 112mm X 77mm X 83mm. This camera has a 43MB built-in memory, but you can also add an SD card.


Another thing you should look at when you purchase a camera is its main features. While you can purchase other lenses or accessories, it is important to have great key feature. For instance, this camera has 28x optical zoom. The increased zoom range is one of the best features of this camera. It also has 20 million-pixel CCD sensor and 3-inch 460,000 dot LCD screen.

Its four AA batteries allow you to take 720p video recordings. Also, it has High-Performance Vibration Reduction. The battery life of this camera is great and you can take up to 1000 shots with it before changing the batteries.

Using the Nikon Coolpix L340

The small camera is easy to use and control even for beginners. You need to take into consideration the fact that it is not very performant since it is designed for beginners and intermediate users. It has a classic design and it comes with dots on the cover so the camera doesn’t slip from your hand. Also, you can find a thumb rest on the back of the camera that is going to make the camera stay still while you take photos.

Because of its basic model, you can see that there are not a lot of dials or buttons because it doesn’t come with many commands. This is why it is better for those who just started photography. They can use this camera to adjust and to learn more about this activity.

The on and off switch is located on top of the camera near the camera’s microphones and the shutter release button. The microphone is great for those who enjoy recording HD videos. Around the shutter release button, there is a zoom switch that is marked with W (wide) and T(zoom). When you are going to use the switch, you will see that it responds quickly. The lens will enter into Dynamic Fine Zoom once you use this switch.

Also, when you are using the zoom switch you will observe that the color of the zoom display is going to change. This helps you remember what type of zoom you are using at all times. It is great to try all the buttons of the camera and take different photos until you get used to it.

If you want to use the flash you need to press the button that is located on top of the camera. Once you pressed it you will see that the camera releases the pop-up flash. Once you are done using the flash you need to push the button back to switch it off.

The button for video recording is located near the thumb rest. You need to press it every time you want to switch from taking photos to taking videos. The place of this button is great because it helps you avoid pressing it accidentally and take videos instead of photos.

When you want to see and select a shooting mode you have to press the Scene button. There are a few shooting modes from which you can choose. The first one is Scene Auto Selector which helps you get the best scene setting. Another one is the Scene selector so you can pick the best mode between landscape, sports, and portrait. You can also choose different filters like high contrast monochrome.

The last option on this camera is Auto. Here you have little control over the camera because it stops you from changing the shutter speed, aperture, and the autofocus point. If you want to have a longer shutter speed, you should use the Manual option instead of the Auto. On the other hand, if you are just trying out the camera, the Auto option helps you see the best settings for your scene.

On the back of the Nikon camera, you can find different other buttons. You can look through the photos you shoot and enter the menu of the camera. Also, here you have a navigational pad and an OK button in the center. Here you can also find the Delete button. Even if you press it by accident it still needs confirmation so you don’t have to worry about that.

Image Quality

The photos taken with this camera are great especially if you use the camera in bright sunlight. On the other hand, if you want to take photos on overcast days or in the evening when the light levels drop, then you might want to opt for a different camera. This device doesn’t shoot great pictures when it is used in low light.

In good light, however, the images are clear, full of vibrant colors. On the other hand, the photos taken in low light tend to be less clear with damp colors that don’t attract. It gives the photos a painterly effect. While some might enjoy a landscape photo with less vibrant colors, those who prefer vibrant colors even in the evening should consider purchasing a different camera.

The overall impression of details is great in bright light when you take photos A4 or smaller. You can lose details when you start shooting around ISO 400. Also, the Vibration Reduction doesn’t help you get high-quality images when you shoot at ISO 400 to 800. When you shoot ISO 1600, you can fix this problem but you are going to experience image smoothing.

The automatic white balance does a great coping with artificial light in order to produce accurate colors. Also, the automatic metering system is great at producing exposures. You will barely need to use the exposure compensation.

Unfortunately, you don’t have the ability to change the shutter speed or the aperture. This is because the camera is designed for beginners so Nikon did not include advanced controls. Remember that this camera is great for people who are trying to learn more about photography and it is not designed for professionals.

This camera offers great detail when you are using the far end of the telephoto optic (28x). Even the pictures taken at focal lengths in between have great detail but they might have a little distortion. The best time to use the camera is in the middle of the day because it has a great image quality in bright light. Also, when you use the digital zoom, you don’t lose the quality of the photo. On the other hand, using the optical zoom might lead to a loss in photo quality.

Pros and Cons

This camera has a lot of pros and cons. One of its pros is that it has a great price considering all of its features. Also, it has a great life battery. The selective color selector is a nice feature to have. Its design and compact constructions are great for beginners who like to try out photography.

The 3” LCD screen is great for reviewing all of the photos. Also, most users mentioned that it is much more user-friendly compared to other previous models like L330. The wide lens is also a nice touch. Its basic menu is easy to navigate so you don’t get confused when you use it for the first time. If you are also passionate about videos you will be pleased to know that it takes great 720HD videos.

On the cons side, the camera is not capable of taking 1080p videos. The battery pack is not rechargeable so you need to buy new batteries every time you need to use the camera. It also has poor maximum light sensitivity. You can’t adjust the shutter speed manually and some users complained about the fact that the speed is a bit too slow. Also, since it is an average camera, the image quality is not that great compared to other professional cameras.

Conclusion and Rating

This Nikon camera is an average device created for beginners. It is extremely easy to use and it can shoot good photos, especially in bright light. Also, it has a small price compared to other beginners’ cameras. The most appealing feature which is also the update from the L330 model is the 28x optical zoom.

If you want to purchase a good camera for your holidays or if you want to start photography, you should consider purchasing the Nikon Coolpix L340. It is a decent option for those who are on a budget but also enjoy great photos. Don’t expect this camera to take amazing photos with impeccable quality. Despite this fact, in bright light, the colors of the photos are actually vibrant.

One of its most annoying cons is that is doesn’t provide good image quality when there is low light such as in the evening or on an overcast day. Most pictures taken under these conditions are going to have a medium quality with less detail. Also, the colors won’t be as vibrant and they might also have a painterly effect on the pictures.

If you are looking for an advanced camera you should look for another model. This doesn’t give you the possibility to change the shutter speed or aperture but you can change the ISO or the White Balance. On the good side, this camera has a compact design and a deep grip. You don’t have to worry about dropping it because it has dots and a thumb rest.

This is a great camera for those who want to start taking photos as a hobby or start a profession on this domain. Its great price, the 28x optical zoom, and the user-friendly menu are some of the greatest features of this device. Also, this camera is a great start for beginners because it is easy to use and it doesn’t have a lot of options that might confuse you.

The Nikon L340 receives 3.5 stars because it has some interesting features but the image quality is not always great. Also, when it comes to features the camera receives 2.5. The best thing about the camera is that it is easy to use so here the camera receives 4.5 stars. Since the image quality is not always to great, the Nikon device only gets 2.5 stars in this department.

All in all, the Nikon Coolpix L340 is a good camera for beginners who don’t need a lot of extra features and options. It is compact, easy to use and to handle. The image quality is great in bright light and medium at low light. Its weight and size are small to medium so it is easy to store and carry around during your holiday.