The Best IT Consulting Services in 2020

Along with the development of technology and the internet world, the market for technology and Erbis IT consulting services has also grown from 2011 to 2020. Forecasted in the coming years, the IT consulting market will face much more demand, growing faster and sticking closely behind trends in major mega technologies, such as analytics, cloud computing, robots, Internet of Things (IoT) and digitalization.



Erbis  IT consulting itself is additionally remarked as technology consulting associated with services that help clients to utilize information technology (IT) and digital to realize their business goals optimally. IT consulting services include IT implementation but do not include transactional IT activities. If narrowly defined, IT consulting can only provide services around consulting, and means that it covers only less than a quarter of the entire industry. What is clear is that IT consulting services will not include recurring services such as managing IT infrastructure and managing outsourcing services that are beyond the definition of technology consulting. Despite the fact, there are still some IT consultants who provide services around the management. The most commonly offered Erbis  IT consulting services are services that include IT consulting, IT implementation, system integration and software management which cover three times the size of the IT consulting market. More specifically, IT consulting services cover eight main scientific disciplines consisting of Data Analysis, IT Security, IT Strategy, IT Architecture, ERP services, System Integration, IT Implementation, and Software Management. Foresite’s cyber security consulting services is an all-encompassing service to help you keep your network and data safe in a way that makes sense for you.

The IT Strategy segment will focus on Erbis strategic propositions and IT advisors, this strategy usually represents the first bidding phase of any IT consulting effort. With a duration of about six weeks to six months depending on the level of complexity of the system. Examples of IT consulting projects that are carried out usually determine the company’s IT strategy first then prepare an ERP system or design cyber security by preparing a business case and involvement in managing the stages for further IT work. The work process will be seen with IT architecture and IT systems and to enable business processes it is necessary to define a technology blueprint. This part of the project usually takes between six months to a year and before implementing IT or system integration efforts, IT consultants must implement IT architecture services first. The elaboration of this consulting project will include defining the company’s landscape, implementing a service-oriented architecture (SOA), or guiding the process of outsourcing the architecture to an external vendor.

For activities that support the client, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) services are needed to design, implement and / or maintain ERP systems and modules. Usually IT products such as SAP or Oracle are used in this ERP service. The Erbis  IT consultant will choose the ERP package, redesign the client’s business processes based on the ERP template and implement it. The next activity is looking at how various ways to connect computing systems and software applications to ensure that the system acts as a coordinated whole, this activity is called the domain of system integration. The system integration domain will ensure that the ERP system / module can interact with other more specialized applications that run on the IT landscape. Of course risk, security and compliance within the IT landscape are all responsibilities of IT security. All services related to technology-driven project design and implementation are covered by the business IT Implementation line.

All practical activities involving the management and optimization of purchasing, distributing, maintaining, utilizing and disposing of software applications in an enterprise are all covered by software management activities.

After all the above activities are carried out, the final step is data analysis. Data analysis activities are divided into several work propositions such as business intelligence, workforce analysis, data warehousing or big data intelligence, predictive modeling and customer intelligence. Of course, to support decision making, techniques and tools are needed that can transform large amounts of data into valuable information.

IT consultants may provide consulting services packages with details:

1. Development of Erbis  IT strategies. Includes the development of new IT strategies or towards a cyber IT security approach.

2. IT is tactical. Includes the selection of IT systems to the implementation of ERP systems.

3. IT operations. Includes developing software or mobile applications.

Of course, all IT consultations use information technology to meet their clients’ business goals and provide solutions to existing problems.

The best Erbis  IT consulting company will always expand and deepen their technological capabilities because they realize IT is an important support for today’s business and digital goals. Currently you can find three types of IT consulting companies that usually consist of:

1. Large global player specializing in information technology.

2. Generalist company that has several separate Erbis IT consulting units.

3. Specialized IT players who are IT consultants who only focus on certain disciplines or markets.

Maybe you are wondering, when does my company need IT consulting? Of course, as your business grows and develops, you will need IT consulting staff to manage the technology needed to help your business operations be more effective and efficient. If your IT department works well, then your company’s productivity will increase, communication becomes simpler and of course your profits will also increase. You will, of course, need IT consulting when you’ve been wondering about:

1. Is my company data safe? As your business activities develop, the data that must be stored also increases. If you don’t arrange the data properly, it is possible that old data may be difficult to find. You might need more structured and secure data storage techniques.

2. Why do computer problems often appear lately? Maybe lately it often happens hangs or software failures on your computing device. You should immediately fix these problems because you could have spent more time doing work that is not in the realm of your and employee’s abilities.

3. What better program to increase my company’s productivity? Should my business segment go to an iPhone or Android device?

4. Many new technologies must be implemented to support your company’s activities.

By hiring an IT consulting company, you can solve the problems that arise above, and help develop your business for the better.