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Revealing personal information with the lookup services is advantageous as these sites provide you with accurate details within a few minutes.

Are you searching for the personal data and profile information of any specific person online?

If yes, read this article and learn the safest & fastest way of doing so.

TruthFinder – Your Best Aid in Looking for someone


TruthFinder is someone’s profile information finder, which can find out the location seamlessly on behalf of you. However, the searches are hassle-free as Google search, where you add names and other specific keywords, showing relevant results.

Being a top-notch reverse lookup application, you can discover any data about that individual. Someone’s profile information includes actual name and aliases, date of birth, complete identity, education background, and social media accounts.

Moreover, it is a leading application, which offers insightful information via colossal databases and public search engines. So, people search via phone lookup, address lookup, and name help you sneak into someone’s details with complete anonymity.

See how TruthFinder helps fetch you anyone’s details with ease.

What is the People Search feature of TruthFinder?

An authentic People Search Directory of TruthFinder, also known as People Finder tool, finds a person tool, or lookup tool. It is a unique online tool, which matches pre-existing public details of an individual combined within a report.

However, countless ways are there to find anyone’s profile information. But unluckily, typing someone’s name into a search engine provides endless results. Therefore, you end up getting perplexed and unsure where to look next.

So, if you look for people’s details, like social media profiles, phone numbers, or email id, it could be hard to find through a standard search engine. In that case, a people search of TruthFinder can help you get insightful information on everyone:

  • Find anyone easily by providing a name, address, or phone number.
  • It can sift through a plethora of public details and merge those into one readable report within a few minutes.
  • With TruthFinder’s premium and affordable membership option, you can reveal your friends or long-lost relatives’ social profiles and many more.

Who can you find with TruthFinder?

Various reasons are there why people seek a people-finding tool like TruthFinder! Some of the leading use cases are shown below:

  • To see what their relatives or friends hold on the personal background search
  • To discover former colleagues or schoolmates
  • To get connected with relatives
  • To locate an estranged person
  • To explore more information about your new acquaintances

How to discover someone’s profile information?

Search Profile’s information by name

You should never be worried about exploring yourself with a TruthFinder’s people search. The search person will not be notified; that’s why you can get complete anonymity. Hence, scour this search engine for whatever you want in private! Follow the steps below:

Step #1

First, you must accumulate all the necessary data. In order to find a person by name, all you need is first and last name to begin your search. You might also consider other details, which could ease your search process.

For example, if you know his/her middle or initial or any aliases, narrowing down your search by providing these details can fetch you more accurate details.

Step #2

Now, scroll to the search bar at the top side of the TruthFinder’s page, and enter the first and last names. Moreover, there is a column providing city and state names for faster search.

In that case, fill out these optional fields, if you know. Try giving a former residential address if you have it. Public records, like TruthFinder, can match someone to that given location, although he/she has translocated.

Step #3

As TruthFinder rummages through colossal public details housed in the city, state, and federal databases, various questions will emerge to aid you in finding the exact report. Skip it simply in case you don’t know the answers. But, such answers help you narrow down the searches.

Step #4

If the people search is over, you can check a detailed list of reports that match the information. If you can identify the person you are looking for, open their report or correct your search result by offering more information.

Search Profile’s information by address

Did you ever worry about who resides in your neighborhood? Conduct people’s search to look up someone’s profile information by address. Follow the steps below to find someone by address.

Step #1

In order to avail of the address lookup service of TruthFinder, visit the official site.

Step #2

Enter the address of that person to begin the people search by address.

Step #3

TruthFinder will drag a detailed list of recently residing people to that given address and the details of the former residents. From that report, you may select the person and open his/her report you look for!

Search Profile’s information by phone number

A reverse phone lookup is one of the significant ways to discover a person by phone number. Follow the steps below to start the phone lookup to reveal the individual’s profile information.

Step #1

Visit the “reverse phone lookup” option and enter a phone number. If you are trying hard to rummage someone, you only have an old number, which may no longer exist. Now, the TruthFinder’s public records may unleash an “owner history” associated with a phone number.

Therefore, if the number is not valid or even used by others, it will still be a worthy method to detect the person.

Step #2

Once you hit ‘search,’ TruthFinder starts to accumulate public details based on the phone number into a comprehensible report. Phone reports might include:

  • A full name and pseudo names
  • Email addresses
  • Previous phone numbers
  • Social profile linked to the number
  • Date of birth

Concluding Words

In a nutshell, TruthFinder is the best people finder to look up family members, new, old friends, social media profiles, sex offenders, neighbors, travel mates, and many more. The article has provided all the necessary details about people’s searches and how to get anyone’s profile information. So, get all types of data from TruthFinder, which is indeed safe.