The Evolution of the Bitcoin Casino Market: 3 Top Trends


Like any new business, cryptocurrency gambling is currently developing and is still far from market redistribution. However, rapid growth will inevitably be followed by the emergence of large players and the formation of business rules, primarily interaction with state regulators. For example, the Spanish Tax and Financial Policy Department has already equated Bitcoin with payment systems and requires an appropriate license from cryptocurrency casinos. Today, we invite you to discover the evolution of the market and focus on future trends.

A Brief History of Bitcoin Casinos

Gambling has always been a constant companion for human civilization. The first known mentions of dice are contained in the ancient Vedic hymns “Rig Veda”, the spiritual book “Bhavishya Purana” and other epics of Ancient India. In Greece, even philosophers were addicted to gambling, and in Sparta and Rome, the authorities were already forced to impose bans.

At all times, people played for money or their commodity equivalents: jewelry, clothing, food, and other property, including houses and ships. It is quite natural that in our digital age digital money is used in gambling. The first and most common of them is Bitcoin, which gave birth to a huge list of the best crypto gambling sites in the market.

The first online casinos working with Bitcoin appeared in early 2013, and since then Google has been providing more and more links upon request. It is necessary to divide casinos that work with cryptocurrencies into two groups:

1. Regular virtual platforms that accept cryptocurrencies;

2. Crypto platforms originally created for Bitcoin and other currencies, and they are the only means of payment.

With casinos of the first group, everything is clear — these are large organizations that have all the necessary licenses and Bitcoin is just another means of payment without any client anonymity. Casinos originally focused on Bitcoin are another thing. Let’s look at top-3 areas (or trends), which distinguish such platforms from regular ones.

Three Trends That Distinguish Crypto Casinos

1. Provably Fair Play

This approach has made a revolution in confirming game fairness, which became possible only with the emergence of virtual currencies. Each user can make sure that the game is fair by following a special hash signature, used for each bet and visitor. Clients can follow their bets whenever they want and make sure that everything is fair and that robots, fake bets, and other tricks are not involved in the game. All information is transparent and available for verification at any time. If the site does not support this technology, leave immediately, despite all the promotions and discounts.

2. Gambling on Various Cryptocurrencies

While Bitcoin is leading as a means of gambling payment, other cryptocurrencies are also trying to take their place in the market. Alternatives include DiceLiteCoin, a dice game where Litecoin is used as a means of payment. Gambling on altcoins is a fairly promising area of ??gaming investments, and it is safe to assume that it will develop dynamically in the next few years, especially since new cryptocurrencies are constantly appearing. Some people even consider such casinos as promising investment tools.

3. Steps Towards Legalization

Many counties are looking for ways of crypto gambling regulation, as they understand the profitability of this business. Even though the status of Bitcoin has not been fully determined even in the United States, an exchange office for this cryptocurrency has opened in Las Vegas. With the ban on gambling using electronic money in Nevada, exchanging Bitcoin for cash dollars and vice versa has become very useful for players. Meanwhile, several casinos in Las Vegas already accept Bitcoin without any exchangers. First steps towards crypto gambling regulation have already been made in Italy, Spain, Venezuela, Ecuador, and others.

In Conclusion

Is it realistic to win at Bitcoin casinos? The question is popular and rather stupid. Of course, it is possible, and the probability of winning in Bitcoin is the same as in real money. The Internet provides a full range of services for the Bitcoin gambler, so the only thing to do is to choose the appropriate platform. Meanwhile, the above-mentioned trends allow us to say that crypto gambling will continue to develop in the future.