Top 10 Software for Effective Dissertation Writing

The amount of tasks students had to write in the past is comparably low to that of today. Right now, there are dozens of different types of papers every student must write at least once, not to mention the never-ending topic choices and subjects. However, students today are at much bigger advantage. They have technology on their side, which makes everything.



Therefore, when the time comes for you to write a dissertation, you can rely on technology to help you with almost everything. If you want you can even hire someone to write my essay online to make your life even easier!

Here are the best tools you should be using.


There is just too much to do when you write your dissertation. This makes organization a crucial part of the process. You should tackle organization first in order to reduce spending more time than needed on your dissertation.


Good software can help you manage your tasks and remind you not to forget anything important. Wunderlist is the modern to-do list, but with many amazing features that will help you with your research and writing. You can group things for the same projects, assign dates to the tasks, as well as help you prioritize.

By having this software handy, you’ll be able to finish the rest of your obligations in time and dedicate what you have left on your dissertation. Also, you’ll know if you can do this on your own or you need dissertation help online with a chapter, editing, or research.


Evernote is an amazing tool for all students, especially those who are writing their dissertation. It is free to use and can store all the information while you’re performing your research. This is one of the research softwares that make it possible for you to organize everything and use it with ease while writing. Seeing how much data a dissertation requires, this is definitely something you want to consider.


During the writing of your dissertation, you’ll do a lot of research, reviewing of the data, and citation formatting. Mendeley is a great tool to help you with this. You can synchronize your data to avoid losing it, download every paper you want to read, annotate them automatically, and insert ready citations into your dissertation. It’s the perfect software for research and referencing.


There are plenty of choices of software for researchers, but where do you store all that data? Some options allow you to store it on their cloud, but there’s much more than research papers that you’ll need to write your paper. This is why you need a cloud, a place to synchronize everything from code to documents and photos. Dropbox is a perfect option for this since you can use it from multiple devices, safely and instantly.

5.Microsoft Word

There have been many writing programs that have been introduced to technology users since Microsoft came up with Word. But, Word was and remains one of the best places to write almost anything and all of the rest remain to be alternatives. It has many features, including the feature for editing your content. If you use Word, your mentor can make notes on your writing while reading it, and provide you with useful feedback.


6.Virtual Box

Some of the software options you are considering won’t work on your laptop. Whether it is because of the operating system or your outdated computer, you don’t have to give up on this. If someone tells you about great software to use, Virtual Box can make this possible for you.

You don’t have to buy a new computer or install new software. VirtualBox lets you install what you need right there in your computer, and lets you have as many virtual machines with different software options as you need.

7.Power Point

When the time comes for you to present your dissertation in front of people of the academic community, you’ll need a presentation. It’s best if you tackle this as soon as you can, preferably while your memory of the writing is still fresh. As soon as you write the dissertation, start working on your presentation on Power Point.

8.Microsoft Excel

Word comes handy with the writing and formatting process, but what about all that data that goes into tables or needs organization? You can use Excel to calculate and count things, organize your data, do charts, and create the right figures for your dissertation.

9.Google Chrome

To gather all that data I’ve mentioned, you’ll need to search it somewhere. Google Chrome has been the most popular and versatile browser for quite some while now. In addition to library sources, literatures, and research, make sure to use this browser, too.


You can put all the time and effort into your dissertation and still not make it good enough. Why? Because a poorly edited dissertation represents an unprofessional and undedicated student. To make this right, you can use editing tools like Grammarly to edit the big piece of content that is a dissertation.

In this article, you’ll find the ten top dissertation software choices every student should use. Dissertations are highly demanding and nowadays, they literally require you to use technology to finish them. Therefore, you should make use of it to turn the process into more enjoyable and effective one.




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Robert Everett is a history professor at a US university. He’s mentored hundreds of successful students while writing their dissertations. Thanks to his experience, Everett is now the perfect person to share dissertation writing advice.



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