Top Tech Student-Run Startups

Universities and colleges are melting pots for new ideas and startup businesses. These establishments are packed full of kickstarter ideas and hundreds of students who all have a thirst of knowledge, development and success. Did you know that some of the most successful businesses were actually started by students during their educational years? Examples of well established student-run startups include Dropbox, Dell, Google and of course the almighty Facebook.

As you progress through your student years, you may often ask yourself – What business can I start? You may wonder what new technology you could develop, or if you could create a worldwide brand that could earn you millions. To give you inspiration and to get your entrepreneurial juices flowing, we have gathered 6 awesome startup business ideas that current students have created – this should give you insight into just what you could potentially achieve!

1. Drone MVP

The drone industry is currently booming. We now have a multitude of different drones available from small racing models, to larger scale models with the ability to fix DSLR camera mounts. Its no surprise therefore that students Sheinberg and Van Hove of the Southern California University have really landed on their feet with their Drone MVP platform. This platform is simply fantastic and allows clients to connect with drone pilots from around the world to collaborate on projects together. Drone MVP really is a superb niche product that fills a valid gap in the drone industry.

2. Syllabye

Technology startups are everywhere – every week there is seemingly a handful of new businesses and ideas that emerge. One particular concept and business that has seen huge success is Syllabye. This was founded by students at the University of North Carolina and allows students to effectively keep track of their work and study schedules. If you have a busy schedule and are struggling to cope with your workload and need to prioritize and organize, Syllabye could be a perfect solution.

3. Verb Energy Bars

The food market is saturated with a variety of different energy bars that are supposed to work wonders and give you a boost. Verb is actually a kickstarter business created by students at Yale and provides a myriad of awesome energy bars that are actually beneficial. Each bar is packed with flavor and different varieties include blueberry, salted peanut butter and cocoa for example. What makes these bars a cut above the rest is that they are also produced using non-GMO ingredients!



4. Find your Ditto

As far as startup business ideas go, Find Your Ditto has to be one of the most unique out there. This platform is based around people who suffer with chronic illnesses and diseases and aims to bring them together to provide support and companionship. Undergraduates Wolin and Parisa Soraya of Michigan University created this platform and have never looked back since. Using Find Your Ditto, you can connect with others suffering a variety of chronic illnesses such as depression and Crohn’s disease. We only wish that more medical and social well-being platforms such as this were developed!

5. Coursicle

Anyone who has attended college or university can wholeheartedly understand just how difficult it can be to keep up with your class schedule. During each day of your college experience you must attend a myriad of different classes and try to keep track of assignments, homework and examinations – it can be an absolute nightmare! This is where Coursicle comes in which was created by a freshaman at UNC. Courscile helps map out your class schedule and can also send reminders to your mobile when class seats become available.

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6. Huk TV

New student-run startups can often develop from a simple idea or need that students experience themselves whilst at college or university for example. Successful startup business ideas usually contain an answer or solution to a real life problem and this is exactly what Huk TV does. Samuel Lukach from the University if Wisconsin wanted to mount his TV on the wall, but wanted flexibility to change the mount if needed – this is where Huk TV was born. This is an awesome mounting system that uses hooks instead of conventional screws to give flexibility in your wall mounting ventures.



As you can see, the opportunity is waiting for you and there is plenty of scope for you to create an amazing startup business that could change your life forever. All that’s left for you to do now, is to start drafting ideas, and make your kickstarter dream a reality – good luck!