VR Is Changing The Way You Game


Virtual reality technology is booming and people all over the world are excited about it. One of the growing areas of virtual reality technology today is the gaming sector as the gaming industry embraces both technology and innovation to the core.

VR offers the players with an exuberant gaming platform by offering high-quality graphics. The players can immerse themselves in the world of gaming instantly by putting on a headset such as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or PlayStation VR. The player is not confined to sit in one place and he can engage in playing the casino games anywhere, anytime.

With VR, the player can personally experience as to what feels like being in the game. Well, there is a subtle difference between playing the game and being in the game. Being in the game means the players have a complete control over the game – it is just the game and the player. There is no intervention with the other fellow players.

Another thrilling advancement of VR will be the Standalone VR Headsets. This will eliminate the use of a PC or a mobile phone to access the various casino games offered in the online casinos all over the world.

Will VR Change the Gameplay Design?

Just like the games which made a shift from 2D to 3D, similarly, the gameplay design of the casino games are again going to experience a transitional phase in the future. The game designers are delighted in coming up with a virtual reality gaming platform which will make gaming more thrilling and fun.

Sparkle Slots Casino has been conducting various experiments in their labs testing the player viability towards the virtual reality games. It is indeed a challenge for the online casinos as it is certain to develop competition among the casinos and also entice a large number of people all over the world towards online gambling.

Did you know?

John Carmack, a popular American programmer and the co-founder of id software was one of the first initiators of virtual reality technology. He submitted his resignation at id software in order to work full-time at Oculus VR which was well-known for its virtual reality handset specially designed for video games. Carmack then pioneered and popularized the use of many techniques in computer graphics, including “adaptive tile refresh” for Commander Keen, raycasting for Hovertank 3-D, Catacomb 3-D, and Wolfenstein 3-D, binary space partitioning.

Virtual Reality to Connect People with Games

Today, people rarely want to play games merely for graphics and action. One of their chief aims of engaging in a game is to feel and immerse in the storyline and feel one with the gaming character. So, there are innumerable casino games which offer the players with engaging storylines which guarantee complete entertainment.

It is here where the virtual reality technology plays a very crucial role as it enables the players to be one with the game character. Also, virtual reality is not just about stepping into the shoes of a lead character or a protagonist. It is also about feeling the emotions that are imprinted in the storyline. This ability to interact as another “person” will also provide an opportunity for the players to script their own movie or write a book which will benefit them on a larger scale.